Riason Naidoo

The Portfolio: ‘neuf-3’ — a public art project in Saint-Denis, Paris

The ‘neuf-3’ art project, curated by Riason Naidoo, aims to pay tribute to the African communities of Saint-Denis — and of Paris

JP Mika is a Congolese artist in full bloom

The painter, who hails from the DRC, is currently presenting his first solo exhibition outside his home country in Paris

Mancoba’s genius is at long last acknowledged

In Europe, where he lived most of his life, he was either ‘too African’ or ‘not African enough’

‘I’m finally getting recognition’

Celebrated Ghanaian photographer James Barnor continues his interview with Riason Naidoo, focusing on the later years of his career

Photographer James Barnor – Ever Young at 90

He tells the story of his becoming a photographer and photojournalist in Ghana and in London

To know Jean-Michel Basquiat, look at his art

Jean-Michel Basquiat produced an influential body of work reflecting on issues such as race in 1980s North America

Basquiat retrospective boasts central masterpieces and never-before-exhibited works

A retrospective on Jean-Michel Basquiat is showing at Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris. Its curator has dubbed it the most comprehensive Basquiat show

​Katz makes a jump from her mattress

The artist, in her first international show, also uses the ground to map out the directions people take

Rethinking a key festival of African art

The curator of Dak’art talks about how he has transformed the concept of the biennale

Tragedy of an Indian family

Riason Naidoo reviews <i>Gandhi My Father</i>, which is based on the private and troubled relationship between the public figure of the Mahatma and his anonymous son Harilal.

Full circle

Visual Trajectories is part of a cultural exchange agreement between India and South Africa, writes Riason Naidoo.

Kally’s open shutter

Born in 1925 in Isipingo, Durban, Ranjith Kally worked in a shoe factory for 15 years before he began a full-time career as a professional photographer. A South African photographer of international stature, Kally will soon hold his first solo exhibition in a career spanning 60 years, writes Riason Naidoo.

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