Rofhiwa Maneta

Rixon tackles waste culture, consumerism

Thor Rixon’s discography showcases how the artist deftly walks the tightrope between absurdity and emotional sincerity

Petite Noir breaks borders

The artist’s new EP and visual album is a pilgrimage of his life as a citizen of everywhere

Jabu Nadia Newman’s exhibition asks what’s in a name?

An exhibition explores how and why the photographer’s family name shifted from Mokwena to MacQuena in the 1960s

Durban kwaito’s Sugarman

Traces of Sandy B’s legacy, punctuated by a 1994 hit, are imprinted on the genre as we know it today

My child’s father, the distressed hip-hop head

The angst that comes with parenthood is becoming pervasive in the youthful genre

Muzi finds his way home

The Durban-born musician is now making music on his own terms by bringing the electronic genre into an African future

Music in search of the way home

For Itai Hakim, it is about knowing where you come from and also to not lose your way in life

SA’s self-publishing rock stars

There’s a new wave of local writers who are abandoning the conventional way of doing things

Double consciousness

The condition of living both online and in the real world is at the hear of contemporary culture

The house that women built

Women vocalists are getting the credit they deserve from house vocalist Jackie Queens

You didn’t hear wrong

Okay Wasabi’s parodies, sparked by misheard lyrics, put an absurdist spin on local hip-hop culture.

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