/ 16 May 2023

Objects of Desire: Be the main character


The lifestyle trend of being “the main character” shows no signs of leaving. It’s more than a fad, it’s a lifestyle. 

Many folk have never seen themselves as the main character in mainstream films and series, but thanks to TikTok and the new wave of Gen-Z entertainment, main character typecasts are no longer Eurocentric cookie-cutter lookalikes, but a spectrum of bodies where anyone can be in the spotlight. Being the main character in today’s world means living your life as if every detail is worthy of being part of a movie. 

The main characters romanticise the mundane of everyday life, such as daily rituals, dress choices and walking, while also giving extra enjoyment to the exciting and indulgent aspects of living, such as dinners, parties and travel. With main-character energy comes a curation of personal soundtracks, a discovery of authentic personal style and seeing your life through a romantic lens. 

Clutch control 

Main-character energy means invitations to events, soirees and parties. But the main character travels in style. Jimmy Choo’s “Cloud” clutch is the perfect sidekick, especially since clutch bags are a notoriously difficult accessory to master. With the Cloud, the main character is always prepared, stylish and bejewelled enough to feel like a piece of jewellery. Available through Net-a-Porter.

Glossier’s new range includes shades of lipstick from nude to bright red.

Face value 

Glossier, pioneer of the “no makeup” look, is stepping out of its comfort zone with a lipstick that packs serious punch. If you’re wearing absolutely nothing on your face, try the G Suit lipstick. From soft nudes and rich browns to vibrant reds, the luxurious colour floats over your lips and sits comfortably all day for that main-character edge. Available through Glossier

The Perfumer H range by Lyn Harris comes in a hand-blown glass bottle.

Making scents 

Every day niche perfumers pop up with exotic scents and new notes but few come close to Perfumer H by Lyn Harris. Each glass bottle is hand-blown. Scents such as Salt, Smoke and Gold are a fusion of citrus, woods, balms and spices. Available through Loading Bay

Step in the right direction

Last year, Munkus founder Thando Ntuli-Sommie was the SA Fashion Week New Talent winner. This month, Munkus teams up with Europa Art on footwear to accompany the designer’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection. It is vibrant and celebratory, with lots of candy-coloured pops — heels and loafers in pink, orange, green and yellow. Available through Europa Art