Rules of the game

Review: The Cider House Rules

Resurrection in Katatura

Two enterprising souls are trying to breathe new life into an old movie-house in a Windhoek township, reports Andrew Worsdale.

Another heel against the head

The dispute over payments for feel-good flick Heel Against the Head continues, reports Andrew Worsdale.

‘Melony was great but she had to go’

Novelist John Irving tells Will Hodgkinson about the hard choices he faced in adapting his epic The Cider House Rules for the screen.

A song and a dance

Review: Topsy-Turvy

Soldiers of fortune

<b>Review: Three Kings</b>

And the best talker is …

The Oscar players quipped onstage, offstage and backstage. Chris Michaud was listening.

American Beauty triumphs at Oscars

American Beauty dominated the 72nd Academy Awards this morning, as predicted, scooping five Oscars including best picture, best directing and best actor. The winners are ...

The way they wore

Playful, vintage looks dominated the Oscar fashion parade, reports Sarah Tippit.

Oscar sticks to the script

Oscar 2000 was just too polished and genteel to fully satisfy Xan Brooks.

Easy rider

Review: The Straight Story

Aw, shucks, you shouldn’t have…

On Sunday the film world will turn towards Hollywood and this year's Oscars. But you will search in vain for an award for overacting, and there'll be no mention of the Best Performance By An Arse. Righting that wrong, Andrew Collins presents the Alternative Oscars.

Toys keep swinging

<b>Review: Toy Story 2</b>

Will Oscar stop looking back?

Period pieces have dominated the Oscars for a decade, but this year the pattern might be broken. Mark Morris rates the nominees and wonders if time is up for history.

Heel against their heads

Feel-good movie Heel Against the Head has left a trail of debt and bad blood. Andrew Worsdale reports.

What’s a nice girl like Sue doing in a place like this?

Alison Powell on Girl, Interrupted and the American art of going mildly, stylishly loopy.

Obscene satire

<b>Review: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut</b>

Director out to murder

Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce is caught up in queer culture and the drama of the murder mystery. She spoke to William Pretorius.