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Blood transfusion is lifesaving. So is donating blood

The availability of blood is crucial for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases and in emergencies such as during child birth

Excavating the role of Africans in the creation of the modern world

Europe would have been a marginal player in world history without the continent’s natural resources and centuries of cheap African labour

How to apply for a job in academia — especially if it’s your first

I went to my first interviews believing that the onus lay on the university to find good candidates — not on the applicants to ‘sell’ ourselves

Covid-19 reveals cracks in the ‘care economy’

Unpaid labour, primarily done by women, played an essential role in sustaining society during the pandemic – now policymakers must give this work its proper due

Put people first in your business and the profits will follow

Instead of ‘lean and mean’ businesses should rather be aiming to create a ‘caring and sharing’ culture

Editorial: Referendum on service delivery

A poll where independents will test the maturity of our democracy

Eradicating childhood stunting should be a priority in SA

Poor basic service delivery is linked to children’s poor nutrition

Celebrating the death of Lars Vilks diminishes our humanity

We are at our best when we feel hurt but resist the impulse to exact revenge

Early childhood caregiving is the career that keeps giving

A programme that trains caregivers, mostly women, gives children a better start in life, helps close the gender pay gap and retains now-qualified women in the workforce

A sustainable approach to ending hunger

Financial investments and high-tech measures aimed at increasing farm productivity and cutting food waste can solve chronic global hunger by 2030

A new book asks the timeless question: ‘Can We Be Safe?’

Ziyanda Stuurman’s new book critiques the South African police and their role in society

Nobel prize for physics is a game-changer

The physics 2021 Nobel prize means the conversation is no longer about debating whether climate change is real, but rather what we should do about it

Facebook needs a facelift

Steven Hill thinks "digital operating permits" could be the key to reining in tech giants and protecting their users.

The psychology of vaccine hesitancy and refusal

Once South Africa secured adequate amounts of vaccines, we were faced with a baffling dilemma. Not everyone wanted to take it

MMSEZ authorities dodge every question about livelihoods threats, climate change, water scarcity and more

MMSEZ chief executive Lehlogonolo Masoga, the Limpopo Economic Development Agency and the consulting agency Enviroxcellence failed to address the concerns of people living in the Vhembe biosphere

A South African passport allows entry to 103 countries visa-free

It’s best to plan ahead by ensuring you have the correct visa (if one is needed) and other documents, the vaccinations required as well as knowledge of Covid-19 restrictions

In an unequal world, mental health must be redefined

Reducing socioeconomic inequalities and improving mental health are twin goals that cannot be separated; we must demand better from government, while also taking collective responsibility

New grouping promises the people of Makana shall govern

The Makana Citizens Front brings together diverse groups with a focus on accountability