We fishermen stopped Big Oil’s seismic blasts in Norway’s fisheries, you can do it too

Something is going wrong in the marine environment, and the race for new oil reserves, aided by comprehensive seismic blasts around the world, makes it likely that seismic surveys create extensive damages and consequences

‘A weird new sort of fascism’

‘Trans-exclusionary’ views are not unlawful. So what gives self-appointed enforcers the right to police what can and cannot be said about transgender people?

Small businesses must be proactive in their tax affairs

There are numerous means by which errant taxpayers can start the new year on a clean slate

World’s crises are interlinked and need a global response

The connections between health, climate change, declining public trust and democratic legitimacy, and geopolitical instability must be recognised

Our ancestors worked less and had better lives. What are we doing wrong?

In an age of both untold prosperity and existential crisis, it’s time to rethink work

The harrying of Kathleen Stock

The bitterly polarised controversy over the status of transgender people has spawned attacks on freedom of thought and speech at British and South African universities

Ramaphosa’s quick release of Zondo’s report a bold but dangerous move

Probe findings may result in little more than a Pyrrhic victory as kingpins go free

A giant of the anti-apartheid movement has fallen

Bhamjee’s selfless dedication to the struggle against injustice is an inspiration for us all

Viva Rastazeneca, viva!

Lindiwe Sisulu’s broadside isn’t the only attack on SA’s supreme law.

Editorial: Education failures are a failure for us all

For the next three months we all must critically engage with the education sector to halt the flood of a generation slipping through.

‘Don’t Look Up’ but do look out, here comes Shell

We live in the Earth, not on the Earth, but continuing with an extractive mindset will be the end of us all

It’s imperative that South Africa moves fast on state capture prosecutions. Here’s why

Most South Africans believe the report into state capture must be followed up to ensure that those responsible for rampant corruption are held accountable

US makes a mockery of international law

The US’s claims of ‘rules-based order’ is the camouflage behind which American exceptionalism flourishes.

Lest we forget Tutu’s anger, and our own faces

The hardest part of reckoning is the reckoning and where the archbishop is resented it is not for the ways in which the TRC failed but those in which it succeeded and brought an unfathomable past into a flawed present, writes Elisha Kunene.

Vaccine conundrums to keep one up at night

Why do religious leaders feel no compunction to harm their followers, when they could ‘pray for the destruction of a satanic vaccine’ instead?

Tembeka Ngcukaitobi: The ANC’s inertia on land could be the betrayal of its founding principles

The party’s founders focused it’s mission on the problem of the day – land – which remains a central issue. Yet, since 1994, the ANC has been hesitant and timid in resolving the land question.

The ANC must wise up or crash out

The past year exposed the ruling party’s weaknesses, but 2022 is an opportunity for it to make substantive, meaningful changes if it is to remain in power

In celebrating its 110-year anniversary the ANC must the struggle is not complete without the emancipation of women

The question that must also arise is why we can't identify and celebrate the women who supported the former presidents of the organisation

Lindiwe Sisulu: Whose law is it anyway?

We must overhaul a justice system that does not work for Africa and Africans. Immediate land reform is crucial now