Jesus saves, but Kaunda scores on the rebound

Three days and three nights of skulduggery keep the Son of Man out of Durban’s mayoral parlour

COP26 was more talk than action

The Glasgow Climate Pact called for the removal of ‘inefficient’ fossil fuel subsidies, but a commitment to remove all fossil fuel subsidies is needed

An open letter to my Springbok

From an old acquaintance* with benefits

Gender equality is a political priority

Here’s how the EU is continuing to support women and girls worldwide

Coalition of the disastrous with the unpalatable

What do the outcomes of the local government polls portend for the general elections in 2024?

The smart climate money is on women

By directing climate resources effectively, the world could make significant — and simultaneous — progress in tackling both global warming and gender inequality

Men carry the burden of society’s expectation of masculinity

We all need to unlearn the damaging patriarchal presuppositions of gender

Why many people are rejecting De Klerk’s post-death apology

What can one fix with an 85-year-old white man whose apology to black people only surfaced after he is dead? The answer is nothing

Blame the modern economy for US inflation

The prevailing message to Americans from political elites across the spectrum is the same one that Biden spelled out in his speech: “That’s just the nature of a modern economy” and we have to deal with it

Poetic licence to lead through challenging times

Research is revealing that poetry may be just what leaders need to navigate today’s troubled waters

Let us never forget: The South African Constitution is written in blood

By recalling the true origins of constitutionalism in our country, we can make sense of the Constitution’s promise and it can – perhaps once again – play its redemptive role

New book provides a blueprint for deep social change

The Systems Work of Social Change’ by Cynthia Rayner and François Bonnici, draws on stories of social change-makers and has been described as ‘a roadmap for deep change in tackling today's multiple crises’. This is an edited extract

Information technology careers can suit people with disabilities

As the government marks Disability Awareness Month, disabled people can target jobs in growth industries once they have the right training and support

Who do the police serve and protect?

From their creation during colonisation to now, they have served the wealthy against the many

Politicians can’t smell the stink

Those haggling over the keys to Durban city hall can’t smell the shit in the harbour

Let us not allow FW De Klerk’s death to tear us apart

His blanket apology did not cast him as a man of principle but as a man of cowardice

Editorial: South Africa’s next big crisis is water

Amid rampant mismanagement and the effects of climate change, we will have to learn to do more with less

Child rights and the daily life of children: Eight things we know

Children are primed to interact from birth; don’t hit children; spend quality time with them; children need fathers; children need one adoring adult; children need quality and quantity time; digital communication is not a solution; children need to play; and listen to children