Why anger erupted against the UN peacekeeping force in the DRC

The Monusco’s failure to protect civilians against violent attacks and the lack of action from the government are among the factors fuelling people’s rage

People living with HIV are at high risk of non-communicable diseases

Keeping them healthy necessitates an revolution in health systems and how they are financed, especially in poorer communities

Zama zamas and foreigners the perfect scapegoats as East and West Rand erupt in fiery rage

Zama zamas and foreigners have been made fall guys for the ills in our societies but ultimately politicians will have to take responsibility for their failings

Local government must prioritise indigent households

Local government must prioritise indigent households in terms of providing water, electricity, sewerage and solid waste services but need to improve how they identify these families

For the law to rule, it must be applied

Mere forgiving and forgetting based on a lack of political will, incompetence, laziness, corrupt motives or even universal love, is not on

The optimistic cynicism of Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

The US house speaker’s stopover raised tensions between China, the US and Taiwan, but it is likely to pay off for leaders on all three sides as they head to the polls this year

The ANC is now just an empty vessel

It can neither hold the centre nor lead society. The recent policy conference was bereft of new ideas

Why illegal artisanal mining in South Africa is out of control

It is the result of the state’s failure to formalise artisanal mining as a livelihood strategy and the police’s inability or unwillingness to control

How to keep your skilled employees happy

Employees with scarce skills can be selective about where, how, and for whom they work

Sustainability essential for small businesses

Sustainable business practices have the potential to improve traditional and environmental profits

Can the US actually defend Taiwan?

China’s President Xi Jinping warned the US that it was ‘playing with fire’ over the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Why Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan puts the White House in delicate straits of diplomacy with China

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on August 2 2022 – a highly controversial trip that has been strongly opposed by China.

How to bring young people into the South African economy

From our daily engagements with young people at Youth Capital and the Centre for Social Development in Africa, we know that most are proactive,...

Three writers respond to Drew Forrest’s New Frame piece in the M&G and Rebecca Davis’s article in Daily Maverick

The articles in the two publications followed the sudden closure of ‘New Frame’ after its donor withdrew his funding

ANC shows no political will to develop conscious ethical leadership

We need courageous, responsible leaders to save our state-owned enterprises, denuded of money and talent, to save the rapid deterioration of our hospitals and schools and to raise awareness and concern for the plight of the poor

Kremlin seeks to exploit growing wariness over refugees in Europe

Instability and rising living costs have caused significant growth in refugee and other migrant numbers globally. The opportunity to capitalise on the crisis will not be missed by Russia.

Parliament shake-up needed before 2024, says Democratic Alliance

The committee system in parliament is broken and ANC committee members abuse their majority.

Mine blasting is a constitutional rights issue

The noise, dust and shockwaves from blasts harm people’s health and infrastructure