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What do mothers really want?

A bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day expresses gratitude but mothers need more – recognise all their work, listen to them, include them in decision-making

Public participation is a farce in Musina-Makhado project

Information is not getting to the right people or places as voices of discontent are getting louder

BDS: South Africa must support the ending of Israeli apartheid and colonisation

A Human Right Watch report recommends sanctions and UN commission to investigate Israeli apartheid practices

Bongani Baloyi leaving Midvaal as mayor is a great loss

The young politician made Midvaal local municipality a model of clean governance and public service

World Press Freedom Day: When journalism is threatened, democracy is at stake

Governments, philanthropists, Big Tech, readers and media houses themselves must work together to ensure the sustainability of the media ecosystem

M&G, electric cars are not a panacea

Producing EVs comes with all the absurdities of producing petrol vehicles

Leaders can borrow from sport and use a default play plan

Building competent teams that can cope with pressure is essential

Workers’ Day marks huge job losses around the world, exacerbated by the pandemic

The activism of people such as Tlou Theophilus Cholo laid the foundation for improve work conditions in South Africa

Surveillance capitalists overthrow the sovereignty of individuals

Disinformation — turbocharged by social media algorithms — buries lies and propaganda in 'facts'.

A lot of words that say little

Never mind the past: at the Zondo commission Ramaphosa looked to the future — and local government elections

Let’s race with, not against, the machine

SA’s economy will need a growing supply of tech experts such as programmers and roboticists

Building cathedrals for black business

A vision for the future needs to take the long view

Autism is an unrecognised epidemic

People with autism spectrum disorder are vulnerable but they are stigmatised and education for them is not inclusive

Editorial: No urgency to fix Vaal sewage crisis

As far back as 2007, a local nonprofit met with government officials to deal with the pollution crisis in Emfuleni. Residents are still waiting

Blockchains and bitcoins, a wealth manager’s perspective

Investors need to understand what they’re getting into when buying cryptocurrency. In short, it’s a risky, unregulated asset class

From order to chaos in a few seconds

The butterfly effect illuminates how even the slightest change in conditions can have massive ramifications down the line

Freedom Day reminds us of the importance of safeguarding our democracy

Laws to combat Covid-19 have allowed some governments to crack down on human rights. The local elections are a chance to honour our legacy of freedom

Business: Forget empty Freedom Day platitudes, take action instead

It’s not enough to be colour blind, we must look at reality and act to stop racism

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