Stop squeezing the middle class

As we prepare to listen to another tough budget speech, it is time to recognise the vital but neglected role played by this strata in modern South Africa

The threat of rape helps keep the vulnerable in line

Using an ever-present danger works to benefit men — no matter their education, profession, class or outward social behaviour

Living up to our promise of ubuntu

South Africa needs active citizens and real change starts in the home, with conversations about social justice

Artificial intelligence presents a moral dilemma

The world has a chance to set a new course so that everyone benefits from artificial intelligence

Simple interventions could cut violence against women

Measures such as better street lighting, training the police and enforcing gun control can effect real change

Somizi, will you judge this song & dance?

Hlophe? Mogoeng? Judge Judy? Zuma’s selection of judges could mutate as fast as versions of Jacques Pauw’s weekend

Editorial: Where is the accountability?

We need consequences, otherwise we will continue to get more of the same

The heavy price of pushing masculinity

In the frantic pursuit of patriarchal ideas of manhood, boys often lose their ability to love — this paves the way for cruelty and violence

Carlos on three little pricks

You'll feel a slight pinch, nothing more.

The government needs to put human rights at the heart of education policy

Education in South Africa is dismally unequal, and Covid-19 has exacerbated the crisis. Investment in infrastructure is crucial

‘Maslow before Bloom’ for teachers and their learners

Teachers at the University of Johannesburg Metropolitan Academy found a different, warmer way of catching up on learning losses caused by Covid

Open letter: Dear Mr President

I want you to fully disclose the topic of climate change in your response to the Sona debate

The case for the ConCourt’s nonintervention in the latest Zondo drama

Running to Braamfontein every time Zuma breaks the law is surely not the way to go.

Intensifying economic insecurity may threaten South Africa’s social cohesion

The country’s social fibre is under strain and one cannot help but feel that something will have to give

Open letter to South African funding houses

Where is the money without equity for startups?

No silver bullet for Covid-19, but rather a cocktail

It is no good waiting for a vaccine or ivermectin or other miracle cures, we just need to do what we can do now

Sona 21: Malnutrition, Mr President, should be a ‘foremost, overriding priority’

Covid-19 has increased South Africa’s already dire child malnutrition levels, and the extension of the R350 special grant is not enough to change this

Technology is a double-edged sword

As the fourth industrial revolution and Covid co-conspire to flip the world of work upside down, technology has the potential to address our inequalities, or deepen them

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