A story more embarrassing than a racist dog

A childhood memory of a false accusation reminds us that not even poverty defines who we are

Will Ramaphosa act decisively on the Zondo report?

The president’s tendency to avoid confrontation with his own party means we must maintain public outrage to ensure an end to state capture

Is the US supreme court bent on doing harm?

Two recent rulings by America’s apex court are profoundly troubling

Can nuclear energy come back from the grave?

Because of the lead times involved, nuclear cannot offer an instant solution to today’s challenges. Within a decade, however, nuclear, alongside wind and solar, could undermine the global gas market

God, the Gunners and Gordhan

Number 1 should take some tips from Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta and finally clear the cabinet of some deadwood

Banning abortion criminalises femininity as it does race and poverty

Unpacking the reversal of Roe v Wade and the ruling in Dobbs v Jackson reveals a pushback against gains made by women

Is the US establishing a military base in Zambia?

Dr Fred M’membe, president of the Socialist Party in Zambia, says such a facility will be established ‘over our dead bodies’

In the black void of missing bodies

We cannot allow the mathematics of racial capital stop us from bearing ethical witness to the death of the marginalised majority

Zondo must lead to real change

He was horrified about what he learned of the ANC and government — and we should be too

Quest to produce global public goods has to succeed

A new type of multilateralism is needed to respond to problems that national governments are not equipped to deal with

Could we please have some consistency in our drug laws

It’s high time we saw much of the legislation for what it is - hypocritical and a little nutty

No good will come of overturning Roe v Wade

The US supreme court’s ruling on landmark abortion case will be felt most keenly by women

Remove nuclear sword of Damocles

Even small countries can add their voices to the international attempt to enforce a ban on these devastating weapons that hold the globe captive

Unlocking the full potential of the 5G ecosystem

New mid-band spectrum additions need to complement low- and high-band spectrum and they must be universally available.

Seven leadership laws to make you and your business better

Investing in the right things for your business requires making choices and making them consciously

Foreign policy stance can result in a trust deficit

SA should articulate its decisions better over the war in Ukraine and insurgency in Mozambique

It’s time for the G7 to deliver on Africa

South Africa and Senegal, as AU chair, are attending the important summit of the leaders of the big industrialised nations

South African consumer food price inflation could average just above 6.0%

The outlook on food products prices will remain mixed, despite the recent broad increase in products prices.