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In the Covid storm our poop doesn’t tell lies

Wastewater Based Epidemiology Surveillance programme surveillance and needs to be escalated in the fight against this pandemic

Visible and invisible violence in present day South Africa

The relations of social domination are reproduced in our habitual ways of talking

SA’s private sector can promote migrant entrepreneurs who create jobs and skills

The private sector can contribute to migration policy development to improve business operations, boost productivity and support the economy

Seeing double? Digital twins are a useful model

Here’s how they differ from conventional predictive analysis, and how they are useful in a myriad of surprising ways you’ve likely never thought of

The role of culture in mitigating employee burnout

At the heart of a strong business culture is an underlying sense of belonging and a common desire to serve people

Tissue engineering facility breathes new life into local biomedical sector

This is the first facility of its kind in the Western Cape and only the third such facility in South Africa

Will the oil price surge hurt South Africa’s recovery?

Higher oil prices can increase the costs of living and doing business, and South Africa’s oil imports will also likely rise in the second half of 2021, but there are a few reasons to remain positive too

The budget cuts that spite a nation’s face

Starving StatsSA of its ability to measure inequality may be a short-term face-saving strategy but it does not make the inequality disappear

Intergenerational mental trauma and violence: a two-way street

Our country is wrapped in layers of trauma caused by violence, crime, chronic hunger, deprivations, broken families, exploitation, lack of opportunities, inequality and the omnipresence of death

Richard Calland: Cyril’s wicked cabinet conundrum

Three weeks ago, a second term for the president seemed a safe bet, but the insurgency has thrown the puzzle pieces in the air

Unpacking the myth of ANC ‘renewal’

The blame for our current crisis must be laid at the door of the ANC — but it can still redeem itself

The pandemic is an unprecedented test of leadership

Every day brings new, harder decisions that will shape outcomes for generations, but Africans have a role to play and must seize this opportunity to build a better continent

Collaboration in the engineering sector is vital for achieving South Africa’s national agenda

Improved private sector coordination would go a long way in rising to the problems South Africa faces

A time for collective grief: Reflections on the Phoenix Massacre

Protecting our loved ones from harm and destruction is brave and noble but the insistence on framing the brutality in Phoenix in terms of the protection narrative is disingenuous

We have lost more than three years of life expectancy during the pandemic

Covid deniers and anti-vaxxers seem to want more excess deaths and a shorter life span

‘My sister is mistaken’ and other responses to dissent in Zuma contempt case

In what may prove to be a first in our legal history, the constitutional court on 12 July heard an application for the rescission of an earlier judgment delivered on 29 June.

Military not a magic bullet: South Africa needs to do more for long term peace

More than ever before, decisive leadership is needed from politicians, military leadership and civil society to march the South African National Defence Force in the right direction

The state continues to deny South Africans their ‘last right’ – euthanasia

Once again the issue of voluntary euthanasia is before the courts, and once again the state is trying to hold back the inevitable

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