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Khaya Sithole: ‘Sarafina’ doesn’t have ‘Friends’

Unlike in the United States, the way actors in South Africa are treated borders on exploitation

Missing: 10 babies, 1 iPad, and my jab

The decuplets were a fiction, and Ramaphosa’s iPad wasn’t stolen after all. Paddy Harper’s vaccine, however, is still MIA, but he’s feeling hopeful he’ll get one soon

Call for a New Deal for Journalism to strengthen democracy

Changes in news consumption practices and in the information ecosystem have hit newspapers hard

Born in jubilation, South Africa’s constitution faces a test 25 years later

Democracy is everyone’s responsibility to defend. Now is a critical time to double up efforts to guard this nation’s constitutional integrity

Mobile makes the insurance model work in Africa – and we’re just getting started

Telecoms networks are the real drivers of financial inclusion on the continent

Editorial: Politicians fiddled, now Gauteng burns in a third wave

Our system is still not conducive for dealing with community transmissions. Harsher restrictions and constant lockdowns are not the answer

Adolescent suicide: Our children are not all right

A study of adolescents who attempted suicide sheds some light into causes and preventative strategies

The future of work will likely be filled with human-machine partnership

Companies that foster AI literacy and data culture are best positioned to take advantage of technological changes

Entrepreneurship will save South Africa’s youth

Complaining about ‘reverse racism’ and BEE serves no one. South Africa’s white youth should focus on entrepreneurship instead

No more excuses for land inertia

In the second of a three-part series on South Africa’s land question, Tembeka Ngcukaitobi says the constitution is clear: land seized under colonial states must be returned. But there is only policy confusion and elite possession

E-prime makes speakers take responsibility

Being forced to use the active voice and cutting the verb “to be” from our speech can nudge us towards being more accountable — and clearer

Gen Z: A joyful life in a damaged society

The moral dilemma of privilege has led to nihilism as well as unprecedented social justice action

Obituary: Jabu Mabuza was so much more than a ‘taxi driver’ at Eskom

The businessman, who died suddenly this week, leaves a long legacy of highly successful ventures

South Africa’s youth are not ‘millennials’

Labelling them in the same way as youth in the US leads to false perceptions and misunderstanding

Will the EFF capitalise on the ANC’s governance failures?

Good election outcomes for the party will mean Julius Malema’s dangerous racism will again receive airtime

A portal to empathy: Photographs that change the world

It is important not to look away from visceral pictorial evidence of the suffering of disempowered people

Decuplets miss family meeting

While the nation is seized with the 10 babies soapie, the third wave is upon us and the country has moved to level-three lockdown

Editorial: We owe it to our youth to listen

The Mail & Guardian launched ‘Ask Yourself’, a podcast by M&G Listen on Youth Day.

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