How Facebook became the opium of the masses

Facebook’s micro-targeting algorithms have been used to spread disinformation and sow distrust in democratic institutions around the world. It has a responsibility to act

Youth key to halting insurgency in Mozambique

Young Mozambicans in the country’s north, who are driven to join Islamic insurgents by poverty, must be included in peace and security efforts

Whistleblowers: Your testimony makes South Africa proud

Those brave people who speak truth to power elevate the Constitution to more than just a text.

Frank Dutton: A life lived for justice

He made a career of fighting war crimes and crimes against humanity and ended it as lead investigator for the Zondo commission

We’re going back to abnormal

When one state of disaster ends, we’ll enter the other, familiar one, where service failure is the endemic pandemic.

Editorial: State capture could not have existed without banks

When faced with the choice between protecting the interests of people and making a profit, even the most benign corporations will choose the latter.

Tourism sector and government must work together to rebuild tourism in South Africa

An investment in skills will help to nurture and retain the key skills needed for recovery and growth.

We fishermen stopped Big Oil’s seismic blasts in Norway’s fisheries, you can do it too

Something is going wrong in the marine environment, and the race for new oil reserves, aided by comprehensive seismic blasts around the world, makes it likely that seismic surveys create extensive damages and consequences

Fighting for inclusion can never be fascism, Drew Forrest!

The M&G has a responsibility to deplatform dehumanising views, to advocate for free speech but not allow hate speech

South Africa is home to a culture of transphobia

Two M&G articles defending trans-exclusionary views draw on the insidious anti-trans rhetoric flourishing in the UK, but ignore our country’s constitutional protections

What South Africa’s excessive rains mean for food prices

We will have a poorer harvest than the glowing 2020-21 harvest, but will probably not have to import supplies

Radical economic transformation ‘bullshit’ won’t change lives of poor

Lindiwe Sisulu and other power and prosperity seekers in the ANC had the authority to improve the lives of ‘the people’, but didn’t

Small businesses must be proactive in their tax affairs

There are numerous means by which errant taxpayers can start the new year on a clean slate

‘A weird new sort of fascism’

‘Trans-exclusionary’ views are not unlawful. So what gives self-appointed enforcers the right to police what can and cannot be said about transgender people?

World’s crises are interlinked and need a global response

The connections between health, climate change, declining public trust and democratic legitimacy, and geopolitical instability must be recognised

Our ancestors worked less and had better lives. What are we doing wrong?

In an age of both untold prosperity and existential crisis, it’s time to rethink work

The harrying of Kathleen Stock

The bitterly polarised controversy over the status of transgender people has spawned attacks on freedom of thought and speech at British and South African universities

Ramaphosa’s quick release of Zondo’s report a bold but dangerous move

Probe findings may result in little more than a Pyrrhic victory as kingpins go free