Poland’s president signs controversial Holocaust bill into law

The law sets fines or a maximum three-year jail term for anyone who describes Nazi German death camps like Auschwitz-Birkenau as being Polish

Historic Jewish quarter of Marrakesh sees revival

The Jewish area of Moroccan tourist gem Marrakesh is seeing its fortunes revived as visitors flock to experience its unique culture and history.

Make the bat mitzvah more than ‘lite’

The very act of a girl reading from the Torah can shake Judaism out of its patriarchal stronghold and inspire her to become involved in the religion.

Ultraorthodox men create chaos on plane over women

Ultraorthodox Jewish men are disrupting El Al flights, causing the carrier to be criticised for allowing it.

You can be Jewish and anti-Zionist

As Israel turns 65, academics question the ideology behind the nation's right to self-determination.

Nothing particularly Israeli about xenophobia

No society is perfect and it is valid to criticise a country for actions that contravene the principles of basic human rights.

Jewishness of Israel fuels xenophobia

Ethnocentric nationalism means that African workers lack rights and are targeted in attacks, writes Heidi-Jane Esakov.

Israel’s schools slammed for underperforming

A growing chorus of critics has warned that Israel's educational mix will compromise the country's ability to continue generating dazzling technology.

German Jews ‘ashamed’ of Holocaust-like protest in Israel

Germany's Jewish community has expressed shock after ultra-Orthodox protesters in Israel donned Holocaust symbols, including yellow stars.

Jewish gender segregation campaign turns violent

Extra Israeli police patrolled the streets of Jerusalem after a campaign by ultra-Orthodox Jews to segregate men and women erupted in violence.

Obama’s approach to Israel questioned

Barack Obama has stepped up a counter attack against Republican opponents charging that he has short-changed Israel's security.

Wounds of dispossession reopened

In the golden light of a spring evening, Yacoub Odeh climbs through knee-high grass to the ruin that was his childhood home.


Cradock Four back to haunt De Klerk

Pressure is mounting on the NPA to charge the former president and others involved in political killings during apartheid

From the archives: For the first time, an insiders’ account of the Third Force

Two young gangsters give an horrific account of how they were encouraged, equipped and trained to carry out violence against ANC-linked targets by the security forces.

Ramaphosa bets big on infrastructure to boost economy

Sona was a mixed bag but there were some meaningful announcements

Press Releases

Response to the report of the independent assessors

VUT welcomes the publishing of the report of the independent assessors to investigate concerns of poor governance, leadership, management, corruption and fraud at the university.

NWU student receives international award

Carol-Mari Schulz received the Bachelor of Health Sciences in Occupational Hygiene Top Achiever Award.

Academic programme resumes at all campuses

Lectures, practicals, seminars and tutorials will all resume today as per specific academic timetables.

Strategic social investments are a catalyst for social progress

Barloworld Mbewu enables beneficiaries to move away from dependence on grant funding

We all have a part to play to make South Africa work

Powering societal progress demands partnerships between all stakeholders

So you want to be a social entrepreneur?

Do the research first; it will save money and time later

Social entrepreneurship means business

Enterprises with a cause at their core might be exactly what our economy desperately needs

Looking inwards

Businesses are finding tangible ways to give back – but only because consumers demand it