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/ 4 February 2008

Kikuyu flee Rift Valley as homes are burned

Councillor Joseph Chelelgo said no one should call it ethnic cleansing just because his town’s Kikuyu population had been burned out of their homes. For a start, he claimed, houses were razed only after hundreds of Kikuyu left Mogotio, in the heart of Kenya’s strife-torn Rift Valley, for reasons he could not fathom.

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/ 25 December 2007

Stormy end to Kenyan election campaigns

Kenyan police fired teargas to disperse stone-throwing supporters of the country’s main presidential contenders on Monday after the candidates made a final push to win votes in a race deemed too close to call. Scuffles briefly flared shortly after President Mwai Kibaki and his opposition challenger, Raila Odinga, addressed huge rallies in the capital.