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Students ‘abandoned’ in Wuhan

Africans living in China want to be evacuated

An arms dealer’s guide to philanthropy

Selling weapons systems to Saudi Arabia is not incompatible with charity work, argues Ivor Ichikowitz

The ups and downs of drug-delivering drones

​From the Ganges River to Ghana, drones are delivering vaccines, HIV tests and blood transfusions and cutting waiting times for life-saving healthcare

Rigged votes aren’t just an African thing

The average quality of elections around the world is much lower than most people realise

Kanye West pockets $3m to perform for Kazakhstan president

Rapper Kanye West has been paid millions after performing at the wedding of controversial President Nursultan Nazarbayev's grandson, says reports.

The ‘-stan’ guide J Lo should have read before she sang in Turkmenistan

Do you know your Kazakhstan from your Kyrgyzstan? Read on to avoid singing happy birthday to a despotic ruler in this region.

Three-man Soyuz craft lands safely in Kazakhstan

A Soyuz capsule with two Russians and an American on board has touched down safely in mild weather on the sweeping steppes of central Kazakhstan.

The centre of Eurasia

Although the Kazakh people have a long and storied history, the country was part of the USSR until its breakup in the early 1990s.

Building bilateral relations

The first Session of Inter-Governmental Consultations was concluded between SA and Kazakhstan.

A new decade, economic growth, and opportunities for Kazakhstan

An excerpt from the Address of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev to the People of Kazakhstan.

Cosatu: Motlanthe’s approach to Zim ‘disappointing’

President Kgalema Motlanthe is no different from former president Thabo Mbeki in his position on the Zimbabwe issue, Cosatu said on Thursday.

Fire engulfs Kazakhstan skyscraper

Firefighters in the Kazakh capital Astana were on Tuesday battling to put out a blaze at a 32-storey skyscraper dubbed the "cigarette lighter". Flames and smoke could be seen pouring out of the building, which houses the ex-Soviet Central Asian state's transport and communications ministry.

Millionaire space tourist returns to Earth

United States millionaire scientist Gregory Olsen and a two-man, Russian-American crew returned from the International Space Station to Earth early on Tuesday in a lightning-swift, bone-jarring descent. The Russian Soyuz space capsule touched down on the cold, wind-swept steppes of northern Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan offers the world its first would-be blockbuster

Complete with epic battles, fancy camerawork and breath-taking stunts, "Nomad" could be the latest, blood-drenched historical blockbuster coming to a cinema near you... from Kazakhstan. In its bid to take on Hollywood, the film from the ex-Soviet Central Asian state boasts international stars, spectacular crowd scenes and a $33-million production budget.

Cheese and nuts in space

Forget images of germ-free processed space rations. The crew of the international space station will now be able to feast on a range of Italian delicacies, Italian astronaut Roberto Vittori revealed in Kazakhstan on Thursday as he prepares to blast off. "One of the particularities of this mission is that we'll be taking Italian food with us," he said.

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Unions cry foul over SABC dismissal costs and retrenchments

Broadcaster bodies say claims that a recent skills audit is unrelated to retrenchments are ‘irrational’

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The threat of legal action from ITB chairperson Jerome Ngwenya fails to halt forensic audit ordered by the land reform minister

Fake trafficking news targets migrants

Exaggerated reports on social media of human trafficking syndicates snatching people in broad daylight legitimate xenophobia while deflecting from the real problems in society

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