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MPs seek end of captive lion trophy hunting in SA

Campaigns to ban the importation of captive-bred lion trophies have gathered steam in Australia, France, The Netherlands and the US in recent years

Rhino, elephant, lion fates to be decided at Cites

The most important conservation meeting in a generation will see debates on the future of more than 500 species.

Zim won’t take Zuma’s Cecil jibe lying down

President Jacob Zuma's "undiplomatic" reaction to the death of Cecil the Lion at US hunter Walter Palmer's hand fails to amuse in Zimbabwe.

Canned lion hunting ‘no longer tenable’

Public opinion is against lion hunting, says the president of SA's Hunters' Association, and changes must be made for a more acceptable policy.

Conservation’s biggest con job

South Africa’s lion hunting industry has little to do with conservation and everything to do with profit but it seems only foreign governments care.

Botswana minister in lion-trade scandal

In his latest lion deal, agriculture minister Christian de Graaff exported a huge shipment of lions to a canned hunting outfit in South Africa.

US hunter criticised over picture with dead lion in SA

A petition has been set up to bar US TV presenter Melissa Bachman from returning to South Africa after participating in a legal hunt.

Lions bred like lambs for slaughter

Despite efforts to ban the burgeoning business, canned lion hunting is bringing in big money from trophy - and bone - hunters.

Hunting industry earns SA R6.2-billion

In her budget vote, Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has said that the industry shows the value of SA's biodiversity and would be supported.

Lion bones come back to haunt Number One

Nine months ago the Airports Company of SA embarrassed itself. Now, thanks to accidental timing, the embarrassment turns towards a mid-Guptagate Zuma.

YouTube video draws focus to trophy hunting in SA

A new video of a canned lion hunt has been making waves on the internet, bringing renewed attention to trophy hunting in South Africa.

NGO to take Acsa to court for ‘censoring’ advert featuring Zuma on Sunday announced that they were taking Airports Company SA (Acsa) to court for removing posters about lion hunting from OR Tambo Airport.

SA breeders embrace growing Asian demand for lion bones

Activists and lion breeders are again at odds over "canned" hunting - legal in SA - which some argue is no more unethical than farming chickens.

African lions under threat from the American hunter

American hunters are emerging as a threat to the survival of African lions, with demand for trophy rugs driving the animals towards extinction.

‘Canned lion hunting is like fishing with dynamite’

Each year, lions are raised in captivity in South Africa and then set loose in enclosed areas where hunters, many from the US, gun them down.

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Zuma, Zondo play the waiting game

The former president says he will talk once the courts have ruled, but the head of the state capture inquiry appears resigned to letting the clock run out as the commission's deadline nears

Stern warning against Covid greets Mthembu’s death

The ANC has slammed conspiracy theorists and cautioned against showing complacency towards the deadly virus

Lala ngoxolo Mvelase Jackson Mthembu

In his announcement, President Cyril Ramaphosa called the late minister ‘a life-long champion of freedom and democracy’

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