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/ 4 September 2006

Swimming on the Square

After dusk on Saturday February 21, the FNB Dance Umbrella opens with Screen Factor 8. Directed and choreographed by Sue Pam-Grant, produced by Blue Moon and featuring the Moving Into Dance Mophatong Performance Company, the piece is a large-scale, 20-minute-long multi-media production, writes Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon.

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/ 18 August 2006

Arts festival kicks off in celebratory mood

"Arts festivals are about discovery, about exploration … I want everyone here to have fun," said Pallo Jordan at the opening of the National Arts Festival. "Let us have a good time. Look at things. See how others see us and perhaps we’ll discover something about ourselves in an environment and in a context in which we’re enjoying ourselves." Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon was there.

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/ 22 June 2005

Moving on up

In the industrial landscape around the Johannesburg inner city, about 24 000 migrant men live in single-sex hostels. A further 15 000 men and women live in informal settlements. Sixty-eight percent of the men and 80% of the women unemployed. But a programme called Mpilonhle-Mpilonde is upgrading the quality of life in hostels and informal settlements through group-based learning.

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/ 5 August 2004

The unfinished business of equality

Ten years into our democracy, gender inequity remains a challenge. Since 1994 we have seen significant changes in policy development that reflect the government’s commitment to responding to this challenge. But implementation of progressive policies has been uneven and the high levels of unemployment, HIV/Aids and sexual violence against women have created a dire situation that government departments have struggled to respond to.