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A big moment for Africa: Why the MeerKAT and astronomy matter

Astronomy is accessible to anyone with a view of the sky

For tech to be funded, it must improve lives

Whether it was in the use of satellites to monitor the continent’s resources or precision medicine, we need technology to accelerate development.

MeerKAT’s astounding hearing is already eavesdropping on the universe

The still infant telescope, which will be a major part of the Square Kilometre Array, is proving to be much more effective than anticipated.

New telescope MeerLicht to observe transients

The MeerLicht telescope will scour the skies to study transient celestial events. But its link to the MeerKAT radio telescope is what sets it apart.

SKA gives high-tech firms a boost

The ambitious SKA super-telescope has sparked a burst of speed in locally developed computing, most recently with Skarab processing technology.

All systems go for SKA

The giant radio telescope will attempt to answer some of humanity's most enigmatic questions.

World reaches for the stars in SA

Scientists say the Northern Cape is the perfect place for radio astronomy, with its low rainfall and clear skies making it a "radio quiet" site.

What price a peek at the galaxy?

Scientists and engineers are trying to determine the technological cost of predicting what the world will look like in 2020.

Initial estimate puts SKA giant telescope “three times over budget”

The first phase of the mammoth scientific project is tipped to cost almost €2bn, but experts say this figure is an extreme worst-case scenario.

German institute’s R150m boost for MeerKAT telescope

The Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Germany says it is pleased to be part of a "light-house" project for science in Africa.

Recovery plan puts MeerKAT back on track by end of 2015

The massive radio telescope, which will form part of the Square Kilometre Array, is projected to be completed on time despite delays.

SA’s first MeerKAT antenna launched

South Africa's first MeerKAT antenna, one of 64 that will dot the site, has been launched in the Northern Cape.

UK pledges more than R2bn to SKA project

The largest radio telescope project in the world - being built in SA and Australia - has been given a £119-million boost by the UK.

SKA announces telescope designers

The Square Kilometre Array Organisation has announced the consortia that will be designing the giant telescope.

SA joins international star-scanning institute

South Africa has joined the JIVE research institute, which deals in galactic and extragalactic radio astronomy, planetary and space sciences.

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