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/ 7 May 2008

Euthanasia still a dilemma for Dutch doctors

”I am not a monster. I’m also not a God. In the best case I’m an angel,” muses a doctor in a Dutch play about euthanasia, before delivering a lethal injection to an old friend, a cancer patient. The Good Death is playing to packed houses across The Netherlands, which became the first country to legalise euthanasia in 2002.

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/ 5 May 2008

Zim run-off vote may face year delay

Zimbabwe’s ruling party has said that a second round of presidential elections could be delayed by up to a year in a move that would extend Robert Mugabe’s rule even though he admits to having lost the first round of voting five weeks ago. The election commission is expected to meet soon to set a date for the run-off vote between Mugabe and the opposition candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai.

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/ 14 March 2008

Iraq archbishop kidnappers wanted $1-million

Kidnappers of a Chaldean Catholic archbishop found dead in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul had demanded a -million ransom, a senior police official said on Friday. Paulos Faraj Rahho, the archbishop of Mosul, 390km north of Baghdad, was abducted on February 29 after gunmen attacked his car and killed his driver and two guards.

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/ 24 December 2007

Christmas more cheerful in Bethlehem

Gloom was banished from Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem for the first time in years on Monday as Christian pilgrims from all over the world flocked here to celebrate the birth of Jesus in an atmosphere of renewed tranquillity. In the Gaza Strip, however, the mood was much more somber than in Bethlehem.

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/ 19 December 2007

Vatican paper criticises Golden Compass

The Vatican newspaper <i>L’Osservatore Romano</i> has criticised the children’s film <i>The Golden Compass</i> starring Nicole Kidman, calling it "anti-Christmas". Co-starring British actor Daniel Craig, the film is a "fantasy saga with 1960s sauce," the paper said in its Tuesday evening edition.

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/ 30 November 2007

Pope: Progress won’t save humanity

Humanity will not be saved by progress, science or political revolution, but only in the collective hope offered by Christianity, Pope Benedict XVI said on Friday in a theological letter setting out his views on faith. The ”Spe Salvi [Saved by Hope]” encyclical is the second of his papacy and intended as a guidance for the worldwide Roman Catholic flock.

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/ 20 November 2007

The Kleenex option a cardinal rule, Wilf

Hoping you’ll pardon the familiarity, taking liberties with your first name and all. But in my business, as you know, everyone is on a first name basis. You know, "Leonardo", "Angelina", "Paris". Though I haven’t yet been graced with the pleasure of having you on my couch, I feel like we really know each other. For one, we have more in common than you’d believe …

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/ 13 October 2007

Church hopes to save soul of Italian football

Yes, said Claudio Amicucci, some of the other fans were having some difficulty coming to grips with the idea. ”It’s such a big and original project.” Amicucci had turned up early to watch his team, AC Ancona, play their first game since learning that they were in effect being taken over by the Roman Catholic Church.