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Russia is not Putin, as he would have citizens  and the world believe

The president would everyone believe Russia is a democracy but his army occupies regions  and opposition parties are suppressed

Five key moments from the G20

Here are five moments from the first day of the summit

Croatia assistant coach booted for ‘Glory to Ukraine’ video

Ognjen Vukojević, assistant coach and Dynamo Kiev scout, has been sent home from Russia after posting a politically sensitive video on social media.

Ukraine says ‘nyet’ to Soviet bubbly in commie purge

Kiev's new law on decommunisation draws critique.

Ostracised Putin suddenly finds himself in demand

European leaders, backed by President Barack Obama, have come to an uncomfortable conclusion: they need Russia.

MH17 inquiry reportedly concludes plane shot down by Russian-made missile

An international inquiry has concluded that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a Russian-made missile, a Dutch paper reported.

Ukraine on back foot as key city falls

Ignoring a ceasefire, pro-Russian rebels have forced Kiev's soldiers to flee the strategic Debaltseve rail hub in eastern Ukraine.

Putin tells Ukraine to let its troops surrender as peace deal fails

Russia's president says Ukrainian troops should be allowed to surrender to pro-Russian forces, as a deadline to withdraw heavy weapons is missed.

Ukrainians dodge the draft

Many Ukrainian men are lying low to avoid being drafted to fight pro-Russia 'terrorists' in the east of the country.

World leaders hope to secure Ukrainian peace deal

The leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine hope to strike a peace deal and end 10 months of fighting in which at least 5 300 people have died.

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Judicial Conduct Committee orders Mogoeng to apologise for his remarks about SA Israel relations

The JCC said that by the chief justice straying into politics, he breached the judicial conduct code and ordered him to issue an apology and retraction

‘Doctors’ wives’ jump Covid queue

Private doctors and civilians have been exploiting gaps in the public health system to get vaccinated

Ithala fails to act against board chairperson over PPE scandal

Morar asked to settle with the state and pay back the profit he made on an irregular tender

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