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Regulate vaping and e-cigarettes fairly

If South Africa is prepared to draw on international harm reduction best practice, it could generate good legislation to regulate vaping and e-cigarettes cleverly

Stronger tobacco control regulation will reduce harm

South Africa’s tobacco industry interference statistics are improving year on year, but more needs to be done

Historic tobacconist decides to quit

The Cape Town institution, which has traded from the same location for 200 years, has been forced from its premises because of being unable to sell tobacco during the lockdown

Mboweni, take a chance and take back the tax — it’s time to hike tobacco taxes

In his speech, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni reprioritised millions for new health workers and hospital upgrades. Here’s what he needs to do next.

Right of reply: Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa response to M&G article

The chairperson of the Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa has responded to Bhekisisa's article "​Did big tobacco buy Twitter?"

​Big tobacco ‘boosts’ little farmers

The tobacco industry in Southern Africa is taking action to improve small-scale agriculture in the region.

Malawi is struggling to kick the habit but companies keep it dependent on tobacco

The country knows it needs to diversify its agriculture, but the vested interests of multinational giants is hampering its efforts.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Some researchers say e-cigarettes are less toxic than tobacco, but they are certainly addictive.

Child workers in danger on US tobacco farms

HRW documents the shocking conditions on tobacco farms in the US, where child workers are exposed to nicotine, toxic pesticides and other dangers.

Transatlantic trade deal is too opaque

The paucity of available information has only served to confuse the issue further.

Zimbabwe’s forests are going up in smoke

The country's tobacco industry is recovering well – but at the expense of food and the environment.

Dagga makes teenagers dumber

Teens who are regular users of cannabis are at risk of permanent damage to their intelligence, according to research covering nearly four decades.

The tobacco industry by the numbers

British American Tobacco warns it could choke from the onslaught of rules and grey imports, writes Lisa Steyn

Tobacco poisons Malawi’s children

Despite the poverty-stricken country's avowed intentions, it is dependent on the crop and those who must pick it.

Zim tobacco sales end with record crop

Zimbabwe's tobacco sale closed on Friday with a record crop of 122-million kilograms having been sold.

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Zuma won’t appear before Zondo commission on Monday, say his lawyers

Last year the commission asked the Constitutional Court to force the former president to appear. Although ruling has not been made, the summons remains valid, but Zuma’s lawyers say they won’t honour it

Molefe blames Ramaphosa for Eskom’s woes in statement to Zondo commission

Brian Molefe guns for Cyril Ramaphosa, alleging that the president’s relationship with Glencore was only a ploy to siphon money out of Eskom

Zondo commission: Lynne Brown reportedly says ‘eish’ when told of Zuma’s alleged Eskom meddling

More allegations against Jacob Zuma put before the state capture commission, as the questions the former president will have to answer when he appears next week continue to stack up

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