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The hidden evils of “social cohesion”

Bandied around as a panacea, “social cohesion” is actually a way for the elite to dominate citizens by forcing them to repress their differences

Britain’s May clashes with Blair over Brexit

May accused Blair of insulting voters and trying to undermine her government with calls for a second referendum

Elitism remains the enemy of democracy

Ramaphosa’s inability to imagine an emancipatory path takes us back to an unsustainable elitism

‘Love Corbyn, hate Brexit’: Labour faces Brexit split

​Britain's main opposition Labour Party is bracing for a tumultuous debate on the toxic issue of Brexit at its annual conference

​Tony Blair has been damned, but is still defending the Iraq war

The Chilcot inquiry and subsequent report by Sir John Chilcot said diplomatic options had not been exhausted before British troops invaded Iraq.

Chilcot report: Tony Blair’s government accused of using bogus evidence to launch 2003 Iraq invasion

The UK government's infamous "sexed-up" September dossier on Iraq's threat made the claim Iraq was producing biological and chemical weapons.

Blair should have answered for arms deal bribes – critic

An arms deal critic has said that Tony Blair should have been summoned to testify at the Seriti commission.

Mbeki: Blair plotted military intervention to remove Mugabe

Former SA president Thabo Mbeki says his country was asked by the UK for help with a military plan to remove Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

Glencore sweetens Xstrata offer

But the to and fro unsettles potential investors in the mining and commodity giant.

Deep Read: The Blair necessity

Desmond Tutu has helped us see the true nature of what Tony Blair did to Iraq and increased pressure for a prosecution, writes George Monbiot.

Tutu calls for Blair, Bush to face Hague trial

Desmond Tutu has called for UK ex-leader Tony Blair and former US president George Bush to face trial in The Hague for their role in the Iraq war.

Blair calls for open-mindedness at leadership summit

Tony Blair has delivered a speech on the need for innovation while poking fun at Archbishop Desmond Tutu's refusal to attend the leadership summit.

The trouble with Tony: Tutu snubs Blair again

First he pulled out of the Discovery leadership summit, now Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has opted out of a BBC debate featuring Tony Blair.

Tutu withdraws from leadership summit

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has withdrawn from participating in a leadership summit in Johannesburg to protest the presence of Tony Blair.

Anger grows over invite to Tony Blair

A group of Durban-based organisations want to arrest Tony Blair on charges of war crimes when he arrives in South Africa later this month.

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