Latest articles on World Aids Day

The global HIV response needs to get back on track

After missing the global HIV/Aids targets, new benchmarks that put people at the centre, especially those most at risk, need to be set

Ending HIV in South Africa: Queer community by queer community

The theme for this year’s World Aids Day stressed “communities”. We need to unpack this terminology, particularly with regards to the queer community

Successful HIV treatment create health problems by contaminating water with ARVs

Traces of the drugs are found in urine and faeces, but water treatment plants are not designed to remove them

If not now, later: Women’s vulnerability to HIV risk

Keeping girls at school could reduce their vulnerability to infection. But women’s lack of empowerment will affect this intervention's success

Turning the tide against TB: Treatment alone won’t work

The global TB rate has been falling by 1.5% per year – far slower than the 10% yearly declines needed to end TB within twenty years.

HIV treatment: Where are the men?

Our failure to adequately engage men with health services reduces the effectiveness of the many impressive, new HIV prevention breakthroughs.

Motsoaledi: “TB advocates should learn from their HIV colleagues”

The health minister has stressed the importance of improving tuberculosis treatment so as to help mitigate the drastic impact of TB-HIV co-infection.

The stigma of HIV still kills

December 1 is #WorldAisDay: HIV was discovered more than 30 years ago. Why do we still stigmatise HIV-infected people?

World Aids Day: Less than half of infected people know

Although 65% of South Africans reportedly have been tested for HIV at least once, annual testing figures are much lower.

Comment: HIV fight requires wisdom

The health minister and UNAids are jumping the gun by not consulting activists.

Prudence Mabele: “I have seen ARVs save lives”

Mabele helped lead the fight for antiretrovirals in SA. A memorial service will be held for her today. This was her last interview with Bhekisisa.

Villagers flock to take HIV tests

As a result of an NGO in the Eastern Cape using incentives to encourage people to check their status, HIV testing has tripled in four villages.

Motlanthe: ‘Journey towards Aids-free world has begun’

Kgalema Motlanthe has lauded antiretroviral programmes and HIV counselling and testing campaigns, saying the country is "on the right path".

Stories of hope in the fight against HIV/Aids

SA has the most people living with HIV in the world, but facilities like the Themba Lethu clinic are helping those infected to cope and survive.

Italian TV ‘bans mention of condoms’ on World Aids Day

The alleged ban was the result of a request from Italy's ministry of health, says the <i>Corriere della Sera</i> newspaper.

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SABC retrenchment process set to be finalised on Friday

At a portfolio committee meeting on Tuesday, developing a sustainable funding model for the SABC was top of the agenda

Slain top cop blamed for not cooperating with police

The widow of Charl Kinnear submitted a petition to parliament to find out why protection services were withdrawn before her husband’s assassination

Zuma not at court to hear his arms-deal trial start date

The former president’s lawyers asked last week that he be excused from appearing in person, although no such arrangements were made for his snubbing of the Zondo commission

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