/ 14 June 2023

‘This is Jo’burg’ Season 1 Episode 6: Of Pentecostal Noise and Hadedas

Joburg Podcast6

Cities are noisy – noise is what cities make and what makes cities. Jo’burg especially, is a loudmouth. In this episode Charles Leonard examines two types of Jo’burg noise: one made by religious humans in an inner city suburb, the other a familiar avian racket.

Host: Charles Leonard

Guests: Brian Murahwa; Raymond Rampolokeng

Photograph: Charles Leonard


Compiled, produced, hosted & engineered by Charles Leonard.

Recorded in May & June 2023 for the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS).


  1. 1. Quincy Jones – Summer in the City
  2. 2. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – African Dub
  3. 3. Mikey Dread – Roots and Culture
  4. 4. Meditation Singers – Trouble’s Brewin
  5. 5. The Movers – Soweto Inn


Brian Murahwa 4’16”

Raymond Rampolokeng 38’55”