Anglican Church


Forgotten faithful

Brian Castle

The persecution of Anglicans in the diocese of Harare, which is spreading, is being seen and remembered by few Christian communities around the world.

Faith 1, charity 0

Riazat Butt

After weeks of peacemaking over homosexuality, Rowan Williams points the finger of blame at North American churches.

Faith 1, charity 0

Knights Templar: The last charge

Patrick Barkham

The accountancy firm that looks after children's entertainers the Wiggles is not an obvious place to search for the Holy Grail, but that's where the trail led on Tuesday night. It started with a simple quest -- what on earth is a large advertisment headlined "The Ancient & Noble Order of The Knights Templar" doing in the Daily Telegraph?

Gauteng reels under xenophobic attacks

Mail & Guardian Online reporters and Sapa, Sapa-AFP

As the sun set on another bloody day of xenophobic violence in Gauteng on Monday, at least 22 people were reported dead, many more injured and 217 arrested for fierce attacks on both foreigners and local residents living in the greater Johannesburg area. Aid organisations were assisting thousands of refugees at civic centres and police stations.

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