Cat Pritchard

The napalm nature of capitalism

Riding army jeeps at dawn and shooting AK-47s before lunch. Cat Pritchard visits the war circuit and finds it’s not all ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’.

Egalitarian literary festival draws big names and crowds

It’s not often Paul Theroux and Hanif Kureishi take on VS Naipul at a free literary festival in the desert.

Travel: An ocean voyage of discovery

Cat Pritchard escaped to the Portuguese Island on the MSC Opera and discovered a new way of enjoying old stereotypes.

Everywhere ya go, yoga

While visiting a variety of spiritual retreats Cat Pritchard puts her body to the test and discovers that mental flexibility is also required.

A flight for survival

Fancy catching a few thermals with some vultures? Cat Pritchard goes parahawking in Pokhara.

Confessions of an online dater

What happens when you surf the internet looking for love? Cat Pritchard tested the waters.

Barking up the right tree

Cat Pritchard ventures to the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls to 'join the treevolution' by 
helping to plant 5 000 trees in three weeks.

In bed with the best of them

Cat Pritchard beds down on the conservative side of a R300 000 mattress at the Taj hotel and finds herself waking up slightly right of centre.

A park with all the right answers

Kafue is a great place to discover how our senses suddenly come alive in the bush.

Click your way round the world

Trying to find her way through Spain on a budget, Cat Pritchard tried Airbnb -- a website catering to, um, alternative accommodation.

Heaven in duty-free purgatory

Cat Pritchard found the way to buy yourself out of transit hell and straight into first-class luxury.

What are we buying into?

Social-buying websites: Bargain hunting vs stupid purchases.

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