Max Price

UCT VC: Let’s flip the varsity classroom and step into the digital future

A laptop for every first-year will help prepare students for the fourth industrial revolution.

​Grants and loans are the fee answer, says Max Price

In such a system the wealthy will pay and the lowest and middle income students are covered.

Education Act allows Blade to cut too deep

Universities are concerned that poor drafting ?of amendments gives the minister too much power.

The State of the Violent Nation

President Jacob Zuma's State Of The Nation address would be the perfect opportunity for him to discuss violent crime.

Past sins revisited and corrected

In the second of his two-part article, Max price explains why UCT uses race in deciding who to admit.

In defence of race-based policy

In the first of a two-part article Max Price argues that universities have to consider students' socioeconomic status.

No threat to African centre

The debate should focus on the nature and place of African studies in an African university, writes <b>Max Price</b>.

Research central to knowledge production and SA’s development

The University of Cape Town (UCT) aspires to be a globally competitive, research-led institution.

Do university rankings matter?

All ranking systems have flaws and biases that might ignore local needs, writes <b>Max Price</b>.

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