Nick Hopkins

‘Stop spying’ says Fry

Group urged European leaders to take a stand against industrial-scale spying by US and British intelligence agencies.

US drone attacks undermine the rule of law

US use of drones has soared during Obama's time in office, with the White House authorising attacks in at least four countries.

Wrath of Iraq war lingers

Although the West is pulling out its armies, the war is by no means over for the Arab world, a former adviser warns. Nick Hopkins reports.

US and China engage in cyber war games

US and Chinese officials have taken part in war games in bid to prevent military blowout resulting from rising anger over cyberattacks.

Nato alliance a rocky boat

An Anglo-American attempt to hand over the Libyan operation to Nato was rejected by several key member countries.

Biggest mismatch in military history

April 11 2002. About 10.20am. A coach full of German tourists is bumping down the road that leads to the ancient El Ghriba synagogue on the Tunisian island of Djerba. Around the corner, in a narrow, cobbled lane that runs alongside, an old Iveco tanker truck is waiting, driver inside.

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