Nikiwe Bikitsha

SA needs to bridge the gap – literally

Leaders may talk about inequality, but boosting infrastructure is a concrete way to change things, says Nikiwe Bikitsha.

The blood sport of succession

Succession is a messy business, with skeletons always popping out, as in the case of former France presidential hopeful Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Reopening a closed Mbeki chapter

Although fawning, Frank Chikane's book has shed light on the ANC's abuse of spy agencies and also goes into the thinking and psyche of Thabo Mbeki.

Glass half full now for SA’s women

The ANC's policy documents on gender equality make for cautiously optimistic reading.

Houston, you had a problem

Bobby Brown cannot be blamed for the singer's death, but he contributed greatly to her downfall.

We need you at home, Madam Minister

With glaring gaps in leadership skills and ability, why outsource our most able politician?

Zero tolerance for Zille’s barb

The DA leader's labelling of musician Simphiwe Dana as a 'professional black' smacks of racial insensitivity and cheap political point-scoring.

‘Tis the season to be sunning oneself

In exactly a week from now I, like many South Africans, will decamp to the coast to become a beach bum, writes <b>Nikiwe Bikitsha</b>.

Good eating habits start young

In a month-long foray into the social networking site Twitter, I commented on an article posted by struggle stalwart and activist Jay Naidoo.

Here’s why we care about politicians’ sex lives

Whatever will the Italians talk about now, now that their randy Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has finally left the building?

Greetings to the world’s seven-billionth person

<b>Nikiwe Bikitsha</b> writes a letter to Danica May Camacho, the world's seven-billionth person.

Where is your mama, Nonhle Thema?

<b>Nikiwe Bikitsha</b> has been trying desperately to avoid the subject of Nonhle Thema.

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