Paul Hayward

Silva shines for City

The skill of seeing a football pitch as a field of endless angles rather than a north-to-south battlefield is beautifully expressed by David Silva.

Mind over batter for Dr Steelhammer

There's more to Wladimir Klitschko than a powerful punch -- he also has a Phd in philosophy.

Young André must tame the Chelsea bastards

It's not only the players the Chelsea coach must subdue but also an oligarch playing Russian dolls.

Abramovich begins from scratch at Chelsea — again

The Goodison Park stairwell where Carlo Ancelotti was reportedly sacked is a warm and friendly part of the ground.

How to beat the ball-hoggers

Blockades, psychological onslaughts and belligerent tackling all failed, so now the problem drops like a slab on Manchester United.

The urge to splurge

Goal-scorers scored big as outrageous spending on transfers continued in the English premiership.

Rooney’s apology may not be enough

Regaining the trust of his teammates and the public might be an impossible task for Wayne Rooney.

Divided they stand

Sir Alex Ferguson always argues that control is achievable only through success. Winning trophies bestows power.

Old foes meet once again in the battle of Bloem

England will face Germany at a World Cup for the first time since opera and Paul Gascoigne's tears started a renaissance for the game in these islands

David Beckham sprinkles some World Cup stardust

When they had pulled their faces off the wire fences and returned to their shacks, the people of Khayletisha must have thought it had been a dream.

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