Rukmini Callimachi

$0.60 for cake: al-Qaeda records every expense

In receipts left in Timbuktu, researchers have found al-Qaeda tracks its cash flow, recording purchases from $1.80 soap to a workshop costing $4 000.

CAR army thwarts attack on presidential palace, home

The CAR army has been able to stop heavily armed assailants who tried to storm the presidential palace and the embattled leader's residence.

Al Jazeera crew detained in Niger on assignment

A team of Al Jazeera journalists has been detained for three days in eastern Niger, where they are being held inside a prison cell.

How the people of Timbuktu saved the treasured manuscripts

In August 2012, a handful of heroes conspired to save Timbuktu's prized manuscripts. The ingenious plan involved empty rice sacks, a boat and Bamako.

The ‘purest apprentices’ caught up in Mali’s dirty war

Rebel groups have recruited young boys to fight the messy war in northern Mali, a conflict that now includes 2 500 well-armed French soldiers.

Senegal’s Wade in the running for third term

Senegal's presidential candidates have held their final rallies as protesters marched in the streets. Tensions are high ahead of Sunday's poll.

Protests intensify ahead of Senegal presidential elections

Protesters have seized control of a three-block stretch in Senegal's capital Dakar as they demand the departure of aging President Abdoulaye Wade.

Senegal protests claim another life

Senegalese police have killed at least one person during a protest against a court ruling allowing the nation's leader to run for another term.

Stay out of Africa, AU chair warns ‘foreign military’

Foreign military intervention has caused too much suffering in Africa, says the AU's chair, in a message seen as a jab at Nato's airstrikes in Libya.

Mass grave found on Côte d’Ivoire soccer pitch

UN investigators in Côte d'Ivoire have determined there were at least 68 bodies in a mass grave discovered on a soccer field in Abidjan.

Final battle rages in Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire strongman Laurent Gbagbo is negotiating his surrender, a diplomat said on Tuesday after UN and French forces bombarded military sites.

Côte d’Ivoire rebels seize control of 50km strip

The government of Alassane Ouattara said on Monday rebels allied with their leader had seized a nearly 50km corridor along Côte d'Ivoire's border.

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