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/ 4 December 2007

Opec’s big guns keep options open on oil increase

The biggest Persian Gulf producers of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) are leaving open the option of an oil-supply increase that could influence whether crude prices head back towards a barrel. Oil ministers, gathering to meet on Wednesday, have adopted a coordinated line to insist that supplies are sufficient to meet winter demand.

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/ 31 January 2007

Abu Dhabi vies for spot on tourism map

Abu Dhabi, looking to tap into the thriving tourism market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), plans to offer a cultural bonanza rather than follow Dubai in focusing on shopping holidays. Centrepiece of the quiet emirate’s mega project to lure tourists is the construction of four museums, including a Guggenheim and, perhaps, a local version of the famous Louvre of Paris, as well as an art centre.

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/ 1 December 2005

UAE to hold first elections

United Arab Emirates (UAE) President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan announced on Thursday that the oil-rich Gulf state is to hold its first elections, in a move toward reforms. ”We have decided to boost the role of the consultative council by electing half of its members through councils in each emirate,” said Sheikh Khalifa.