Latest articles on Affirmative Action

Why Afrikaner affirmative action was more effective than BEE

The National Party government used a collective effort — social, cultural, linguistic, political and financial — to prop up poor white people

Race reinvented for post-apartheid SA

Two decades since 1994, we’re still stuck in the racial categories of the old regime - a colour-coding of class from which only the rich benefit.

Seven ways in which our government abuses black people

The real problem between black and white South Africans is not white people's attitude, but the government's desertion of black people.

No apologies for affirmative action, says Phiyega

Government and business should never be apologetic about implementing affirmative action, according to National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega.

We need an era of black exceptionalism

As black people we need to liberate ourselves from self-doubt and wondering if we are ever really good enough - and dominate, writes Khaya Dlanga.

Affirmative action does not kill babies

The subtext that black people are incompetent is widespread and racist and must be addressed, writes Nikiwe Bikitsha.

Renate Barnard resigns from SAPS over race discrimination

Captain Renate Barnard has handed in her resignation after a protracted battle for promotion within the SAPS, denied her because she is white.

Good story? Zuma chases ANC tale

President Jacob Zuma has called for intensified affirmative action policy after the elections.

Khaya Dlanga: Affirmative action is here, deal with it

Although affirmative action is at times abused and unfairly used, it is still far from unnecessary. We just need to learn how to make it work.

Khaya Dlanga: DA wants to tell black people about affirmative action

The DA's good intentions are that of a white master who thinks that he knows what is best for a black person, writes Khaya Dlanga.

Verashni Pillay: Why the DA’s race decision is a big deal

Lindiwe Mazibuko and others have scored a victory in the DA with its decision that race matters, which puts the party on a more interesting course.

De Klerk Foundation welcomes Labour Court ruling

The ruling that it is unfair to use only national demographics to implement affirmative action was a victory for equality, the Foundation said.

W Cape affirmative action case sparks protests

The case against correctional services for its "blatant policy of absolute racial representation" in hiring for jobs has continued, amid protests.

Rich get richer through unfettered capitalism, not own devices

The ANC has used power allotted to it to create a black elite by implementing affirmative action in rather doubtful ways, writes Sampie Terreblanche.

BBC takes issue with ‘unconstitutional’ set-asides

The Black Business Council (BBC) could take the government to the Constitutional Court over a procurement process it believes to be unfair.

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ConCourt asked to rule that Zuma must testify for 10 days next year

It is Zondo's legal end game and will leave the former president, his supporters and those implicated in state capture to increasingly play fast and loose at imputing political motive to the commission

This is how the SIU catches crooks

Athandiwe Saba talked to the Special Investigating Unit’s Andy Mothibi about its caseload, including 1 000 Covid contracts

FNB dragged into bribery claims

Allegations of bribery against the bank’s chief executive, Jacques Celliers, thrown up in a separate court case

Press Releases

Dr Sumy Thomas: Deciphering the human puzzle, from the inside out

The Discovery Foundation MGH Fellowship Award recipient for 2020 will focus on internal medicine, particularly the endocrine system of patients affected by HIV

Touching lives through innovation

Africa has a high youth population that adapts to technology quickly, and this phenomenon is something which should be taken advantage of

Festive Reading

In The Whistleblowers, Mandy Wiener talks to a wide range of the people who have revealed corruption and malfeasance in government and business

Centre for Women & Gender Studies

The CWGS aims to resuscitate the histories of African women from all walks of life in an intellectual cleansing/ukuhlambulula of her story

Greening the Future

The awards are a way of encouraging progress and celebrating those who wake up every day and work to make this country a better more sustainable place

Failing to learn the lessons? The impact of Covid-19 on a Broken and Unequal Education System

If the president was serious about fixing basic education, he would appoint his most competent minister with a powerful mandate to start fixing it

National Science and Technology Forum

It's an independent SETI platform, an essential element of an active democracy and an important part of the collaboration process needed in SETI

Milestones over the NSTF’s 25-year history

The organisation celebrates its Silver Jubilee as an established player in the NSI and as promoter and influencer of SET and innovation in South Africa