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/ 14 April 2008

Zim cops threaten crackdown on unrest

Zimbabwe’s post-election crisis intensified on Monday after a high court judge threw out an opposition demand for the immediate release of results from the March 29 presidential polls. The opposition reacted angrily to the ruling, urging Zimbabweans to show their disgust at the hold-up by launching a general strike from Tuesday.

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/ 12 April 2008

Mozambique, SA hold economic meeting

Mozambique and South Africa on Friday agreed to speed up work on new energy-production projects to benefit both countries, South African Trade and Industry Minister Mandisi Mpahlwa said. This was among several issues discussed at a one-day binational commission in Maputo, also attended by President Thabo Mbeki.

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/ 27 November 2007

Mozambique formally takes control of Cahora Bassa

Mozambique on Tuesday formally took over from Portugal the control of Cahora Bassa hydroelectric dam, Africa’s second most important after that of Aswan in Egypt. ”The control of the dam signifies for us the elimination of the last vestiges of European colonialism in Africa,” Mozambican President Armando Guebuza said before a crowd of 10 000 people.

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/ 25 November 2007

Mozambique takes control of Cahora Bassa

Mozambique will finally take control this week of the biggest dam in sub-Saharan Africa, which had remained in Portuguese hands for more than three decades after the former colonial power’s departure. ”We are finally going to be able to use the dam to satisfy the energy needs of our country,” said President Armando Guebuza.

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/ 31 October 2007

Europe, Africa struggle with Mugabe obstacle to summit

European Union and African ministers met in Accra, Ghana, on Wednesday to decide whether to risk a diplomatic storm by inviting Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe to an EU-Africa summit. Britain has said it will boycott the proposed summit in Lisbon if Mugabe attends. Some African nations have said they will stay away if the Zimbabwean leader is not invited.

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/ 18 September 2007

SA, Mozambique aim to boost cross-border trade

South African President Thabo Mbeki and his Mozambican counterpart Armando Guebuza reached agreement Tuesday on moves aimed at increasing access and levels of trade across their common border. In a briefing to reporters after the meeting in Pretoria, senior ministers said the main crossing between the neighbours would soon undergo a major revamp.