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Jihadists, Libya army clashes leave dead soldiers

A battle in which at least five soldiers have died has been sparked by clashes between a Jihadist group and Libyan special forces, says the army.

Libya’s NTC meets in secret, deputy resigns

Libyan students protested in Benghazi after angry demonstrators lobbed grenades and stormed the offices of the ruling NTC -- then its deputy resigned.

Big dreams in Libya for brand new Benghazi

The people of Libya have argued that it is time for Benghazi to regain it's rightful place as a leading business and commercial centre.

Rebel tug-of-war in Libya after military chief’s death

Questions around Libyan rebel divisions are swirling following the killing of their own military chief.

Diplomats beat path to Benghazi

Diplomats from the United Nations and from Spain on Wednesday joined a growing number of envoys beating a path to the Libyan rebel capital Benghazi.

Libya rebels welcome US drones, McCain visit

Rebels welcomed a US decision to deploy Predator drones and Senator John McCain to Libya on Friday, where Gaddafi's forces still have the upper hand.

Zuma’s Libyan pax implodes

President Zuma's bid to halt Libya's civil war collapsed after Gaddafi's forces shelled a besieged city and rebels insisted "Brother Leader" must go.

Gunfire and explosions rock Tripoli

Muammar Gaddafi's Tripoli compound was rocked by blasts on Monday and his southern strongholds and a navy base were bombed.

Gaddafi announces ‘decisive battle’

Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi said his forces would fight a "decisive battle" on Thursday.

Gadaffi clings to power amid exodus fears

Eastern Libya was in full revolt on Thursday as veteran strongman Moammar Gadaffi made good his bloodcurdling vow to cling to power.

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Don’t be deceived: Covid-19 vaccines are not for sale

Police warn against fake Covid-19 vaccines and urge the public to report any criminal activities

Zondo deplores ‘attempted killing’ of state capture witness who implicated Molefe

The deputy chief justice says an attack on one witness may deter many others from giving evidence

State’s failure to act leaves Mpumalanga community at land grabbers’ mercy

Mpumalanga land claimants have been failed by state organs, whose officials are not helping them to remove land invaders, despite a court order

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