Hot-headed Smangi spoils for a scrap

Speaking up before diplomacy is wayward cousin's specialty.

More to Brits protests than meets the eye

Lootings, shootings and blockades of burning tyres show the mounting frustration in North West townships over poor service delivery.

Madibeng residents to march over ongoing water shortages

Residents in several parts of the Madibeng municipality will march to the municipal offices to protest over a water shortage.

Mothotlung: Fourth person dead after protests

Following violent clashes over a water shortage in Mothotlung, another person has died after reportedly being shot in the head with live ammunition.

Water restored to most parts of Mothotlung

Following protests in Mothotlung, water has been restored to most parts of the area, says the North West premier's office.

Mothotlung water shortages shrouded in murk

Stunned Mothotlung residents suspect that dirty politics is to blame for the deaths of three people protesting against the township's lack of water.

Editorial: Muddying the waters

The tragedy of Brits's lack of access to clean water is that people had to die before anyone took any notice.

North West condemns Mothotlung protester killings

The North West's public safety portfolio committee has condemned the killing of two protesters in Mothotlung, near Brits, allegedly by police.

Mthethwa, Modise try to calm Mothotlung

The police minister and North West premier have asked Mothotlung protesters to remain calm after police allegedly shot and killed two demonstrators.

IPID investigates Mothotlung protesters’ deaths

The IPID is probing the deaths of two people in an impasse between protesters and police during a service delivery strike near Brits.

Two people killed in protest in Mothotlung

Two people have been killed and two more injured in a stand-off between protesters and police during a service delivery picket.

Ruined Brits lodge sparks community ire

A prominent Nafcoc member is embroiled in a dispute with two Brits community property associations.


State capture commission granted a 13-month extension

Judge Wendy Hughes says this is the final extension because finality is "owed to the nation"

eThekwini commuters pay for council’s contracts

Perhaps a commission of inquiry can shine the spotlight on public transport in Durban, where bus and taxi passengers have to contend with fare increases and disrupted services

Bishop Emeritus Rubin Phillip: The guerilla priest

From his adventures with Steve Biko to his support for shack dwellers in KwaZulu-Natal, Bishop Emeritus Rubin Phillip has always walked the talk of radical Christianity

Press Releases

Achieving the litmus test of social relevance

The HSS Awards honours scholarly works based on their social relevance and contribution to the humanities and social sciences

Response to the report of the independent assessors

VUT welcomes the publishing of the report of the independent assessors to investigate concerns of poor governance, leadership, management, corruption and fraud at the university.

NWU student receives international award

Carol-Mari Schulz received the Bachelor of Health Sciences in Occupational Hygiene Top Achiever Award.

Academic programme resumes at all campuses

Lectures, practicals, seminars and tutorials will all resume today as per specific academic timetables.

Strategic social investments are a catalyst for social progress

Barloworld Mbewu enables beneficiaries to move away from dependence on grant funding

We all have a part to play to make South Africa work

Powering societal progress demands partnerships between all stakeholders

So you want to be a social entrepreneur?

Do the research first; it will save money and time later

Social entrepreneurship means business

Enterprises with a cause at their core might be exactly what our economy desperately needs