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Black, gay woman elected Chicago mayor in historic vote

Lori Lightfoot, a 56-year-old former federal prosecutor and practicing lawyer was elected as Chicago mayor

Obama to deliver farewell address in Chicago on January 10

The United States president's successor, Republican Donald Trump, will be sworn into office on January 20.

Chicago, Spike Lee’s kind of town?

The next Spike Lee joint needs to do more than add to the growing list of reductive and voyeuristic features and documentaries about the tough city.

Give us some of that Chicago bite

Literary reportage adds to the hard facts a nearly forgotten texture that rewards savouring.

Chef Charlie Trotter dead at 54

Award-winning chef Charlie Trotter - whose name is synonymous with gourmet cuisine - has died at the age of 54.

Obama’s support for gun control has roots in Chicago

Chicago is plagued by deadly shootings where as many children die from guns every four months as were killed at the school shooting in Connecticut.

Murder trial of singer’s slain family begins

Singer Jennifer Hudson is one of 300 potential witnesses in the trial of her then brother-in-law, which started on Monday.

Obama’s ex-enforcer wins Chicago mayor crown

United States President Barack Obama's ex-enforcer Rahm Emanuel was crowned mayor of Chicago on Tuesday.

Tearing knickers off with a growl

“Howlin' Wolf was the most distinctive of Chicago's blues singers: his demonic howl was legendary”.

Newspaper to bring blogs into the real world

Who says print is dead? A Chicago-based start up is hoping to revitalise the newspaper by reprinting blogs in hyper-localised free papers.

Cairo calling

Alaa Al Aswany, author of <i>The Yacoubian Building</i>, has a new novel,<i> Chicago</i>. He speaks to Maya Jaggi.

Campaign gets nastier with new revelations about Palin

The presidential campaign got nastier on Sunday as a newspaper revealed that Sarah Palin used her position as governor to give top jobs to friends.

Margaret Truman, daughter of US president, dies

Margaret Truman Daniel, the only child of former United States president Harry S Truman who was known for her mystery novels and singing career, died on January 29 after a brief illness. Truman was in college when her father, who was serving as vice-president, became the president following the death of Franklin D Roosevelt in 1945.

Dogs shoot man on hunting trip

A pack of hunting dogs shot an Iowa man as he went to retrieve a fallen pheasant, authorities said. James Harris (37) was shot in the leg while hunting with some friends on Friday afternoon, a day before pheasant season officially opened. Harris was treated at a regional medical centre.

Major US newspapers plan job cuts

The <i>Chicago Tribune</i> and the <i>Los Angeles Times</i> disclosed plans on Monday to reduce their staffs by as many as a combined 250 jobs, the latest cutbacks in a newspaper industry reeling from a fall-off in advertising and circulation. The actions come on top of earlier cutbacks by both papers.

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Q&A Sessions: George Euvrard, the brains behind our cryptic crossword

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Why prisoners are a priority in vaccine rollout

Inmates comprise a vulnerable group in society and they are meant to receive Covid-19 vaccines earlier than the general population. This has sparked debate locally and globally

Can you get reinfected with Covid-19? SA has ‘4 000 potential reinfections’

Although the new strain 501Y.V2 of the virus has spread 50% more rapidly, current evidence shows that it is not more severe than the one experienced in the first wave

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