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/ 18 April 2008

Google makes gains during credit crunch

The internet company Google has defied predictions of economic doom by delivering a 31% surge in quarterly profits, which appeared to vindicate the company’s claims that people will continue searching the web in a recession. Google’s first-quarter earnings jumped from -billion to ,31-billion.

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/ 14 March 2008

Google has DoubleClick in the bag

Google expanded its power in online advertising on Tuesday when it completed its takeover of DoubleClick, a move that increases the pressure on rival Microsoft to win its hostile bid for Yahoo!. The merger came after European regulators signed off on the deal, and strengthened Google’s domination of the lucrative online ad business.

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/ 4 March 2008

Google health service won’t be ad-supported

Google will not use advertising to support its new internet health service, CEO Eric Schmidt said recently in the search company’s first detailed public comments about a venture raising concerns among privacy advocates. Schmidt said the service is merely a platform for American users to store their medical information.

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/ 12 February 2008

Google’s Android debuts in Barcelona

The first cellphones fitted with Google’s Android software platform made their debut at an industry trade show on Monday, a milestone for the internet giant as it looks to dominate the wireless world. A handful of chip makers showed off prototype handsets at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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/ 28 January 2008

China’s mobile network a surveillance tool?

Serious concerns were raised in Davos last week about the ability of the Chinese government to spy on the country’s 500-million cellphone users. China’s biggest cellphone company stunned delegates by revealing that the company had unlimited access to the personal data of its customers and handed it over to Chinese security officials when demanded.

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/ 17 October 2007

Buying ads is not Google’s cup of tea

Like a gourmet chef who rarely eats out, Google feeds advertising services to hordes of other businesses while skimping on its own marketing. The recipe has been extremely fruitful. While the internet search leader has sold more than -billion in advertising since 2001, Google has become a household name without buying expensive ad campaigns.