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The road ahead for the DRC

Central Africa’s giant holds the continent’s richest mineral wealth, yet its economy remains woefully underdeveloped and its people impoverished

Who is Martin Fayulu?

Known as the ‘people’s soldier’, Fayulu is challenging the DRC’s December 30 election results

Editorial: Big-man politics again blots out the Congolese

The DRC is a complex, challenging political quagmire

A Tshisekedi finally at DRC’s helm

But there are fears that Felix has been co-opted by Joseph Kabila, who controls the electoral commission

Who is Felix Tshisekedi?

The president-elect of the DRC says he will be the people’s president

DRC’s Tshisekedi: Son, heir and president-elect

Since his father founded the UDPS in 1982, the party has served as an opposition mainstay in the DRC

Hunting for ghosts in Kinshasa

Even as the DRC prepares to vote on its future, it is impossible to escape its past. And once you start looking for ghosts, you see them everywhere

Advantage Kabila in poll race

With little over a month to go, the Congolese opposition is in disarray

Kabila’s decision to step aside won’t change the DRC’s power dynamics

Emmanuel Shadary is President Joseph Kabila's preferred presidential candidate meaning that Kabila could remain in power if not in office

DRC: Opposition don’t want Kabila to have it all his own way

The Congolese President’s strategy of delaying elections through technical delays is working perfectly.

Dynasties built on the foundation of Western education

Nearly all African leaders who are beneficiaries of dynasty politics have been educated abroad.

King Zwelithini lambasts ‘unacceptable’ DRC protests

King Goodwill Zwelithini has slammed the protests carried out by Democratic Republic of Congo expatriates at Parliament, calling them unacceptable.

Kabila camp takes DRC parliamentary majority

Two months after elections that were rejected by the DRC's opposition and observers, Joseph Kabila and allies have won the parliamentary majority.

Tshisekedi’s call to strike fails to shake Kinshasa

DRC opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi's call to strike over the recent presidential vote has led to some shutdowns but failed to affect Kinshasa.

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Pay-TV inquiry probes the Multichoice monopoly

Africa’s largest subscription television operator says it is under threat amid the emerging popularity of global platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime

Covid-overflow hospital in ruins as SIU investigates

A high-level probe has begun into hundreds of millions of rand spent by the Gauteng health department to refurbish a hospital that is now seven months behind schedule – and lying empty

​No apology or comfort as another Marikana mother dies without justice

Nomawethu Ma’Bhengu Sompeta, whose funeral will be held this weekend, was unequivocal in calling out the government for its response to the Marikana massacre

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