Latest articles on Heritage Day

Why it’s crucial to collaborate

We are able to achieve meaningful social change better, and faster, if we act together

Heritage Month leaves much to be desired

Our economy may have doubled since 1994, but this growth has not trickled down to improve the livelihoods of the majority of South Africans

Human Rights Day: South Africa continues to neglect the legacy of Robert Sobukwe

The memory of the influential former leader of the Pan-Africanist Congress has been shunted to the margins in the country’s sham democracy

SA has a legacy of trauma

Transforming the symbols of apartheid violence is not the endpoint of addressing our heritage

Multicultural SA offers a great benefit

Understanding and being able to work with different people is a globally sought-after skill

Children must be able to read with comprehension about their heritage

Literacy in South Africa has to improve if people are to have a better quality of life

Our stories adorn us

The meaning of traditional attire is being lost. But does it matter? Gogo Jessie Mabona thinks it does

Black Panther is more than just representation

It has awoken in me a sense of pride and dignity I had no idea I had lost from all those many years of being erased in international public discourse

The granular affects of the ordinary

We contain multitudes in our everydayness. Youlendree Appasamy tries to unpick the meaning — or lack of it — in ordinary interactions and feelings

Zuma blames apartheid for corruption

"Let us unite against corruption and crime in our communities and in our country. These scourges should not divide us at all"

And God said: ‘Go braai, hang or whatever’

'South Africa, God loved you and left you a precious heirloom: Heritage Day, a day off from work to be spent at home or elsewhere'

Heritage Day: Diary of a white English-speaking South African

Many just go out there and braai but others spend the day obsessing about identity, what is cultural, whose culture and whether it's appropriation.

Rand slips to all-time low on heritage day

As SA markets took the day off on heritage day the rand dipped past 14 to the dollar for the second time in four weeks and slipped to an all-time low.

Sophiatown gets back in the mix for heritage month

Sophiatown Heritage and Cultural Centre has become a lighthouse for a cultural expansion into a future Sophiatown cultural and heritage precinct.

Why heritage should be used to interpret the past and forge the future

Many South Africans have come to associate Heritage Day with a good opportunity to have a braai, but it's so much more than that.

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Zuma won’t appear before Zondo commission on Monday, say his lawyers

Last year the commission asked the Constitutional Court to force the former president to appear. Although ruling has not been made, the summons remains valid, but Zuma’s lawyers say they won’t honour it

Molefe blames Ramaphosa for Eskom’s woes in statement to Zondo commission

Brian Molefe guns for Cyril Ramaphosa, alleging that the president’s relationship with Glencore was only a ploy to siphon money out of Eskom

Zondo commission: Lynne Brown reportedly says ‘eish’ when told of Zuma’s alleged Eskom meddling

More allegations against Jacob Zuma put before the state capture commission, as the questions the former president will have to answer when he appears next week continue to stack up

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