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Saudi executions go global

Awkward alliances in the fight against terror have complicated a proper response.

Iran quietly extends its strategic influence in Syria

Tehran plays a critical role that unnerves its allies in the regime as much as its enemies.

Blunders and stubborness hobble Syria talks

Syria: The long road to finding peace after years of war.

Vaccination ceasefire urged in Syria

A polio outbreak to the east of the country has reinforced the call for relief workers' safety.

Assad’s end could be nigh

As the power shifts on the ground, the CIA is predicting it could be in eight to 10 weeks.

One step forward, two steps back for Tunisia

The government is reversing progress on human rights in Tunisia following last year's Arab Spring revolution, Amnesty International has warned.

Mohamed Morsi: A spectacular balancing act

Egypt's president has the ability to dominate domestic politics. Now he has to find a way to appease the US after the embassy attack.

Hunt on for Libya bombers

The United States has vowed to avenge the consulate attack that killed its ambassador and would work alongside the Libyan government.

Ambassador’s death: Justice will be done, vows Obama

Barack Obama has underscored the bond between the US and Libya, but vowed to hunt down those behind the possibly premeditated killing of the US envoy.

Syria: Evidence of torture and abuse ready for future use

Most of the torture victims interviewed were young men between 18 and 35, but they also included children, women and the elderly.

Brotherhood win is the better outcome of two extremes

Victory for Mohamed Morsi in Egypt's presidential race is a landmark in a dramatic post-revolutionary transition, writes Ian Black.

Egypt’s president moves cautiously

Mohamed Morsi won't make drastic foreign policy changes - his biggest challenge lies at home, writes Ian Black.

Russia accused of supplying Syria with attack helicopters

The crisis in Syria has deepened after the US publicly accused Russia of giving attack helicopters to President Bashar Al-Assad's regime.

Egypt ushers in ‘second republic’

Voters have gone to the polls to elect a president after the uprising that ended Hosni Mubarak's rule. But doubts remain about Egypt's future.

Small-town force vs Syrian army

Just 30 kilometres from Damascus a village holds onto a fragile liberty, writes <b>Ian Black</b>.

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Zuma won’t appear before Zondo commission on Monday, say his lawyers

Last year the commission asked the Constitutional Court to force the former president to appear. Although ruling has not been made, the summons remains valid, but Zuma’s lawyers say they won’t honour it

Molefe blames Ramaphosa for Eskom’s woes in statement to Zondo commission

Brian Molefe guns for Cyril Ramaphosa, alleging that the president’s relationship with Glencore was only a ploy to siphon money out of Eskom

Zondo commission: Lynne Brown reportedly says ‘eish’ when told of Zuma’s alleged Eskom meddling

More allegations against Jacob Zuma put before the state capture commission, as the questions the former president will have to answer when he appears next week continue to stack up

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