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/ 28 February 2008

McCain, Obama tangle over Iraq pull-out

Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama faced off on Wednesday in a possible prelude to a United States presidential election battle, tangling over whether Iraq would be prey for al-Qaeda if US troops are withdrawn. McCain, who has linked his candidacy to a successful outcome in Iraq, attacked Obama’s stance on the war.

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/ 26 November 2007

Jesus Christ gets an evil twin in fantasy film

There’s no mention of him in the Bible but the plot of a fantasy film set in India gives Jesus Christ a twin brother — and an evil one at that. German filmmaker Robert Sigl’s The 13th Disciple is still in the planning stage but producer Mario Stefan is in Goa trying to attract an Indian co-producer for the project.

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/ 19 October 2007

Relief as EU leaders strike treaty deal

European Union leaders voiced relief at clinching a deal on Friday on a treaty to reform the 27-nation bloc’s institutions, replacing a defunct constitution and ending a two-year crisis of confidence in Europe’s future. ”It’s an important page in the history of Europe,” Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates said on arriving to chair the second day of an EU summit.

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/ 8 October 2007

Bolivian town cashes in on Che Guevara legacy

The bearded image of guerrilla leader Ernesto ”Che” Guevara has become a pop icon splashed on mugs, T-shirts and even bikinis 40 years after his death, and Vallegrande, a Bolivian town, is out to cash in on the marketing frenzy. In central Bolivia, where Guevara battled the army before he was captured and killed, tour operators offer a chance to retrace his final steps on the ”Che Trail”.

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/ 25 September 2007

Propaganda as journalism?

”In the light of the brouhaha about the nominations to the South African Broadcasting Corporation board, I’d like to ask a question: Are some South Africans eligible to nominate and be nominated to lead public institutions while others should rather be ignored?” writes Prince Mashele.

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/ 12 September 2007

New dawn for South African pay TV

South African pay-TV consumers will soon have a choice between many new broadcast channels — this after the Independent Communication Authority of South Africa awarded pay-TV licences to four new players during a press briefing in Johannesburg on Wednesday. The companies granted licences were Telkom Media, E-Sat, On Digital Media and Walking on Water.