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Cosatu ‘not scared to be unpopular’

Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has denied that Cosatu had ever apologised to President Jacob Zuma and the ANC for publicly criticising him.

ANC, Cosatu keep mum about meeting

The African National Congress and Cosatu kept mum following their meeting at the ANC's headquarters in Johannesburg on Monday.

Let them eat taxes

Public sector wage hikes of up to 57% a year prompt questions over productivity levels.

The real reasons why the public-service strike stopped

The public-service strike was suspended for 21 days this week because it was losing public support and members could not afford to forfeit more pay.

Who are the essential service workers?

Neither the government nor the unions made use of a mediation mechanism that could have avoided the recent month-long strike.

Strikers return to work amid dissent

Most of SA's 1,3-million striking state workers returned to their posts on Wednesday as union leaders struggled to persuade members to accept a deal.

Unions mull new wage offer

Public service unions were expected to announce on Monday if a new wage offer had been accepted which would end the national strike.

Numsa: ANC slow in addressing inequality

Workers continue to believe in the ANC government despite it being slow in addressing inequality and injustice, the Numsa president said on Saturday.

Union leaders meet as strike impasse continues

Striking public-service unions held a second day of meetings on Friday as an impasse between government and workers dragged on.

Worker anger sinks offer

The 1,3-million workers who rejected the government's wage offer appear to have sent a loud "no!" not just to the state but to trade union leaders.

Waning power behind Zuma action

Jacob Zuma's intervention in the strike was as much an attempt to reassert his political power as a bid to bring the labour action to an end.

Unions go back to members with pay offer

The strike continued on Thursday with the Cosatu and Independent Labour Caucus declaring a "preliminary" rejection of the government's pay offer.

Unions mull new offer as strike drags on

Public-service trade unions were expected to announce their decision on the government's latest wage offer on Wednesday.

SACP: Wage gap still too high

The government should ensure there is a moratorium on salary increases in the upper levels of government, the SA Communist Party said on Sunday.

Cosatu: No talks between govt and unions

There have been no new wage talks between public-service unions and the government, the Congress of South African Trade Unions said on Friday.

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Scores die in Western Cape’s deadly taxi tit-for-tat

Forty-three people were shot dead in the first six months of this year in the Western Cape’s intractable taxi violence, while close to 100 have been arrested and 40 are on court rolls in connection with the conflict

Ingonyama Trust Board moves to retrench staff

More than 50 workers at the Ingonyama Trust Board have been issued section 189 notices

Solar stuck where sun don’t shine: State spends R289m to store solar water heaters

The national solar water heater programme is set to take off once again this year, but meanwhile the government is spending millions on storing heaters that have yet to be installed

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