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Judge rejects Citigroup’s settlement

Citigroup faces a day of reckoning in court over its selling of financial instruments in the run-up to the subprime mortgage crisis.

US Senate panel releases Goldman Sachs emails

A United States Senate investigative panel has released several emails that could prove embarrassing to Goldman Sachs.

Goldman to argue it was unsure about housing prices

Goldman Sachs is preparing to defend itself against the US government allegations by arguing that it was unsure where housing prices were headed.

Goldman Sachs charged with fraud

Goldman Sachs Group has been charged with fraud by the US Securities and Exchange Commission over its marketing of a subprime mortgage product.

Detroit homes sell for $1 amid mortgage, car industry crisis

Some might say Jon Brumit overpaid when he stumped up $100 for a whole house -- there are now homes to be had for a single dollar.

Castles in the sand

The biggest mystery of the Dubai debt crisis is not why this desert dream has turned into a nightmare, but why it took so long.

Once mighty US car industry faces day of reckoning

The once mighty US car industry faces a day of reckoning on Monday with the looming bankruptcy of General Motors.

After stress tests, banks seek to shed US aid

A growing number of banks are eyeing quick repayment of US government capital injections after "stress tests" showed major lenders are healthy.

Hard up in New York? Pawn your Renoir

Pity the world's rich: as the credit crunch bites, they too are heading to the pawnbroker's -- albeit with a Renoir or Van Gogh under their arm.

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It’s just not cricket

Near Makhanda in the Eastern Cape in the village of Salem is a cricket pitch that is said to be the oldest in the country. Watered by blood and trauma, rolled with frontier nostalgia and contemporary paranoia, how does it play?

Three million jobs lost and hunger surging amid Covid-19 crisis — survey

Income shocks and the breakdowns in social protection schemes have had consequences for hunger and food insecurity in South Africa

Police respond to rural water protests with bullets

The coronavirus has hit the Eastern Cape hard, but many rural areas in the province still have no clean water for hand washing, forcing residents to break lockdown regulations to protest

Press Releases

New Bentley Bentayga – The definitive luxury SUV

The Bentayga combines the abilities of a performance grand tourer with a luxury limousine, a spacious family car and an off-roader

Galaxy A21s captures imagination of the youth

Samsung's latest Galaxy A devices are loved by their users and provide a range of awesome features that are truly important to them

SafetyWallet and First Aid Level 1

Basic First Aid is an industry standard and it is the basic requirement in working environments that employers need to have in place

Yvonne Chetty: a passion for an efficient public sector and mentoring

'Being affiliated to a professional body such as SAICA makes providing expert guidance and support to my colleagues that much easier'

Full-time Johannesburg-based CEO required for HI HOPES

An entrepreneurial, business-minded, impact-driven individual is sought to lead the organisation as it looks to scale and grow

Balwin properties and Absa launch South Africa’s first green home loan

Balwin Properties’ Edge registration of over 16 000 units was a global first, covering more homes than any single property developer in the world to date

Young professional gets a career boost from PSETA

SAICA makes ongoing efforts to encourage the professionalisation of financial offices in private and public sector organisations

Colgate-Palmolive South Africa donates one million bars of soap

The combination of limited access to quality soap and a lack of knowledge of how to properly wash hands is a challenge in many vulnerable communities

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