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King Mswati III ends reform talks with no commitment

Swaziland's King Mswati III has closed a forum where his subjects called for democratic reforms, promising "expert" reviews but making no commitments.

Suffering Swazis want change

<b>Louise Redvers</b> reports that ordinary people are losing patience because of the worsening economic crisis -- but the king has no answers.

Swazi unions determined to pile pressure on Mswati

Swazi unions plan to strike over impending salary cuts and government's resistance to democratic reforms.

Breaking down the Swaziland protests

Leaked videos obtained by the <i>M&G</i> show peaceful gatherings of Swazis, which contrasts with hints of the harsh police response that ensued.

Top Cosatu official arrested in Swazi protest clashes

Swazi police have arrested Cosatu's deputy president Zingiswa Losi after breaking up a pro-democracy march in Manzini with rubber bullets and teargas.

‘Disappointing SADC is just an old boys club’

Zimbabwean and Swaziland activists have slammed the failure of the SADC summit to act on political crises threatening their countries.

Judge’s delay keeps Swazi protest leaders in jail

Two leaders of the pro-democracy protests in Swaziland will stay in jail for now after the judge, who lives near one of the men, recused himself.

Bushfire Festival boycott called off

Swazi democracy campaigners have called off their planned boycott of the Bushfire Festival, due to take place at the end of this month.

Swaziland opposes bail for pro-democracy activists

Swaziland opposed bail for two activists arrested in pro-democracy protests this month on charges of illegal possession of explosives.

Swaziland’s jackboot beaten by the bra

Evidence hidden in M&G photographer Lisa Skinner's bra escaped police bullies.

Defiant protesters speak out

Swaziland's pro-democracy activists are still buoyant despite a crackdown on them by police.

Crackdown may result in sanctions

The Swazi government's heavy-handed reaction to this week's protest marches could lead to international trade sanctions.

Time for change in Swaziland, ANC says

Comparisons with apartheid signals the party's support for Swaziland's monarchy is waning.

SA appeals for calm in Swaziland

The SA government appealed for calm in Swaziland where anti-government protests have been called off after a brutal police crackdown.

ANC calls for a ‘free’ Swaziland

The ANC called on Swaziland to unban political parties and release activists, as union leaders there called off protests amid a countrywide crackdown.

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