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Hard climb to beat malaria

The tools to fight the malaria may have improved, but only sustained efforts will totally eliminate it, not just intermittent interventions.

Tanzania witchcraft protest turns violent, four killed

Four people have been killed in Tanzania in clashes between police and thousands of demonstrators angry at a spate of alleged witchcraft killings.

Malnutrition kills millions a year

Survey by Save the Children highlights the devastating effects of malnutrition and predicts a disaster if the situation isn't remedied.

Remittance fees punish poor Africans

The World Bank has identified South Africa and Tanzania as having some of the highest costs for remittance payments in the world.

Tanzania president sees better inflation by June 2012

Tanzania expects its inflation rate to fall to single digits by June from 19.2% it was at in November, also hoping for 7% economic growth.

Tanzania offers good example of press self-regulation

The Press Freedom Commission returned from an international study tour and will be able to show the ANC a good example of press self-regulation.

Beauty salons and the beast

Thanks to the rise of the metrosexual, Tanzania's barbershops have become more than just a place to get a haircut.

SA, Moz and Tanzania in ‘innovative’ anti-piracy pact

South Africa and Mozambique have signed an agreement to join forces with Tanzania to fight piracy in Southern African waters.

Baby mamas in crisis

In Tanzania hundreds of school children become pregnant bringing learning to a halt. A foster child was thrown out of her rural school and home.

China, Tanzania sign $1-billion gas pipeline deal

China and Tanzania have signed a loan agreement to build a major natural gas pipeline in East Africa's second-biggest economy, media reports say.

Africa trade bloc mulls regional infrastructure bond

The regional trade bloc Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa is considering issuing a regional infrastructure bond and is seeking advisers.

I’m getting married, please send money

Nothing is for free in Tanzania, especially not weddings, which take a large chunk out of one's payslip each month.

Slim hope for more survivors from Zanzibar ferry

The <i>MV Spice Islander</i> was so overloaded leaving Zanzibar's port it started to list and passengers scrambled to get off.

Scores dead, 300 missing in Zanzibar ferry accident

At least 43 people died when a ferry capsized off the coast of Zanzibar, but around 300 people are feared still missing, a Zanzibar minister says.

Ferry sinks off Zanzibar, number of dead unknown

A ferry sank overnight between two islands in the Zanzibar archipelago, off Tanzania, and a number of people are feared dead, a minister says.

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Jacob Zuma misses court deadline to respond to contempt application

Recalcitrant former president holds virtual meeting with ANC top six

Tackling the Western Cape’s housing problem, shack by shack

Youths can learn new skills and earn money at The Shackbuilder training institute, where how to build a shack is on the curriculum

Don’t be deceived: Covid-19 vaccines are not for sale

Police warn against fake Covid-19 vaccines and urge the public to report any criminal activities

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