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Ewen Macaskill

Heat is on Obama to slash aid

As fears about Pakistan's nuclear security mount, the US Congress is calling for decisive action.

Obama gets the edge he desperately needed

Obama lost no time in making political capital from Bin Laden's death scheduling a high-profile appearance at New York's Ground Zero.

No-fly measure over Libya fails to take off

The Obama administration recently played down a proposal to establish a no-fly zone over Libya.

Protest and arrest threats stall Bush

Human rights campaigners vow to hound ex-US president.

Guess Hu’s coming to dinner

The red carpet is out for the Chinese president -- a far cry from a miserable working lunch.

Obama can expect a showdown

Republicans will fight the president's reforms now they have a stronger hold on Congress.

Republicans set sights on WikiLeaks and Assange

The Republicans plan to hold a congressional inquiry into WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange.

Long arm of the law reaches for Assange

WikiLeaks founder faces growing legal problems around the world. The US announced that it's investigating whether he violated its espionage laws.

The American dream turns into nightmare for many

One in seven Americans now live on or below the poverty line, according to figures published recently by the United States Census Bureau.

Obama makes move on nukes

The United States' focus is shifting away from Cold War weapons strategy -- but Iran and North Korea could still be targeted.

EU’s genteel geriatocracy

A weak and fragmented Europe is slowly but surely becoming a second-division world power.

‘It felt more like fortune-telling than detective work’

Long-term weaknesses in United States intelligence gathering have been ruthlessly exposed over the past fortnight.

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