Jim Freeman

Wild things? Heart sings

Celebrate the fact that the Big Five are a hop, skip and jump away with another round at the pub.

Weekend getaway: Wilderness Manor

Jim Freeman trips off to Wilderness and discovers you don’t have to be uncomfortable to get in touch with your fey inner fay.

Solitude in Paternoster

Jim Freeman meditates on life in the sleepy village, then and now, from the stoep of Abalone House.

In need of a makeover

Vocational training suffers from an image problem, but the stereotype that only a university education leads to success simply has to be changed.

Seta overhaul sparks outrage

Blade Nzimande faces both external and internal rebellion against his moves this week to redraw the skills-development landscape.

Fine art of training artisans

Cross-sectoral training and a single standard of competence envisaged, writes <b>Jim Freeman</b>.

Turning the screws

Skills-training providers will now have to raise their game steeply, writes <b>Jim Freeman</b>.

Old dogs, old tricks

Why waste critical resources ­teaching old dogs tricks they have long since mastered?

Why informal experience matters

Despite the surprise omission of prior learning from the recent skills strategy, it is not dead and buried, writes <b>Jim Freeman</b>.

Skills crisis truce called

The training institutions have agreed to stop fighting over funds and look for solutions, writes <b>Jim Freeman</b>.

FET in trouble: 30 of 50 are high risk

Major task ahead to resurrect the struggling Further Education and Training sector, writes <b>Jim Freeman</b>.

SA’s ticking time bomb

South Africa stands on the brink of a youth uprising that will rival anything experienced in the days of apartheid, writes <b>Jim Freeman</b>.

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