Sam Sole

Zuma’s new spy purge

President Jacob Zuma's purge of the security services has claimed its most strategic victim: Arthur Fraser, head of a powerful NIA division.

Call for new Kebble judge

Glenn Agliotti is to ask Meyer Joffe -- who is already presiding over the Jackie Selebi case -- to step down from hearing Kebble's murder trial.

Axed Armscor boss accused over R95m loss

In a new twist to the axing of Armscor boss Sipho Thomo, it is alleged that he dropped a penalty due from a helicopter supplier.

A poor deputy president

Evidence in a forensic report suggests Zuma's financial state was so parlous that he could never repay 'loans'.

Did Zuma lie to Parliament?

Shaik's admission of a meeting with arms man and the deputy president calls into question Zuma's statement.

Is this how palms were greased?

The state has refined its version of the R500 000 annual bribe allegedly promised to Zuma by French defence company Thales.

Shaik trial: ‘I did it for the ANC’

The trial raises sticky questions for Madiba, the ANC and Deputy President Jacob Zuma.

Ngcuka vs Zuma: Inside the spy wars

A new twist in the Ngcuka-Zuma saga highlights the battle lines in a bitter information war that has drawn in spooks past and present.

Zuma’s other sugar daddy

Schabir Shaik gave much, but he was not the only one ...

The answers Zuma owes

Deputy president remains prime accused in court of public opinion.

Zuma: A hard nut to crack

Pressure mounts on Scorpions as scope of investigation expands.

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