/ 25 June 2024

Xiaomi launches new Smart Robot Vacuums in South Africa 

Xiaomi Vacuum

Why these cleaning products are the best for your home

The washing machine is often thought to have done more to liberate women in the 20th century than the pill or the right to work. Today, there are a host of even more advanced products that take the hassle out of cleaning your home on a daily basis.

Thanks to advanced technology that links up your home appliances, you can automate your cleaning routines with Xiaomi’s new range of smart vacuums. Like Xiaomi’s other smart home products, they can be controlled via the Xiaomi Home App from your smartphone, or via voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Xiaomi’s smart robot vacuums have built-in navigation systems that will soon map out the floor plan of your house, working out which areas need to be mopped and which need to be vacuumed, so you can arrive home and get a good rest in a spotless house. The vacuums have strong batteries to enable them to clean South African homes, which are larger than those in many other countries.

Once you’ve bought a smart vacuum cleaner, you’ll soon see that linking up your Xiaomi devices to simplify your life makes perfect sense. They are well suited to the local environment, cost less than the competition and make your family’s life safer and healthier.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5

The E5 is your entry-level smart vacuum and mop cleaner for all-round floor cleaning, with 2000pa suction power and intelligent path planning. The battery lasts for nearly two hours, and the compact design means it can fit into small spaces, like under your bed. It will back up when it detects a step and auto docks at the base station to recharge. 
The E5 is available in both colours from Takealot or at a Game store near you.  
RRP R2 499.

E5 Xaiomi Vacuum

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10

The E10 has all the features of the E5, but also includes multidirectional zigzag cleaning to easily reach difficult spaces, with 4000pa suction power and intelligent path planning. The water tank includes three water flow levels, perfect for every floor type. And there are three cleaning modes: vacuum, mop, or vacuum and mop together. Control it with the Xiaomi Home app, to schedule cleaning and adjust cleaning levels.
Takealot: https://www.takealot.com/xiaomi-robot-vacuum-cleaner-e10/PLID93173409
RRP R3 799.

E10 Xiaomi Vacuum

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10

The S10 has smart house layout planning which maps out the entire house, and includes
a combination of multiple sensors and laser detection to select between zone cleanings. The 4000pa suction power will vacuum all kinds of dirt, and its advance cleaning has both Y-shape and zig-zag cleaning routes. The larger 3200mAh battery can run for up to two hours on a full charge.
Takealot: https://www.takealot.com/xiaomi-robot-vacuum-cleaner-s10/PLID93173407
RRP: R5 199

X10 Xiaomi

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+

The S10+ has dual-pad pressure mopping for better cleaning and stain removal. Its large 5200mAh battery can clean over 200 square metres on a full battery in one pass: great for large South African homes. It has different cleaning settings for cleaning routines which can be customised for different rooms; for example, you can instruct the vacuum to clean one room’s floor twice, instead of just once.
Takealot: https://www.takealot.com/xiaomi-robot-vacuum-cleaner-s10/PLID93173412
RRP: R8 499.

S10 Xiaomi Vacuum

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+

The X20+ includes a smart base station to automatically wash the mop pads, self-empty, and
auto-dry the mop pads. This vacuum is the most powerful in the range, with super 6000pa suction power. Added to that is high-speed rotational mopping to thoroughly remove dirt. The base station has a super-large 4-litre water tank and a detachable tray for easy cleaning.
Takealot: https://www.takealot.com/xiaomi-robot-vacuum-x20/PLID95523872
RRP: R11 999.

X20 Xiaomi Vacuum

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

The X10+ has all the features of the X10, but also includes an all-in-one smart cleaning base station with auto washing and auto hot drying for the mop pads, dust collection from the filter, and water refilling for the water tank, so you don’t have to do any of this yourself. The AI advanced 3D obstacle avoidance is more precise and accurate at identifying objects to avoid bumping into them.
Takealot: https://www.takealot.com/xiaomi-robot-vacuum-x10/PLID92572875
RRP: R17 499.

X10 Xaiomi

Explore the extensive range of Xiaomi smart robot vacuum cleaners available for purchase from leading South African retailers like TakealotYuppiechefGameIncredibleTafelberg, and @home via Bash.