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How bodies have piled up around Radovan Krejcir

A blast at a shop owned by Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir is the latest killing linked to the fugitive. We take a look at the list of fatalities.

Club owner’s death ‘not linked to bouncer clampdown’

The murder of the owner of a prominent Cape Town gay nightclub has not been linked to a clampdown on the bouncer industry in the city.

Gavric falls short in bail bid

Serbian fugitive Dobrosav Gavric, who fled to SA in 2008 to avoid a lengthy jail sentence for the murder of warlord 'Arkan', has been refused bail.

Hawks block ‘short cut’ to expel fugitive

Home Affairs declares Serbian fugitive a "prohibited person".

Serb assassin’s shadowy associates

Testimony by investigator Paul Hendrikse has linked Serbian fugitive Dobrosav Gavric to mobsters, but his lawyer says the Hawks are "throwing mud".

Bail application postponed for Beeka’s alleged driver

The bail application of Dobrosav Gavric, who was allegedly driving underworld figure Cyril Beeka when he was shot dead in March, has been postponed.

The intentional tourist: Assassin fears assassination

A Serbian fugitive living in SA fears he will be murdered if he returns home to face justice for slaying "Arkan", a Serbian gangster and war criminal.

Krejcir, Gavric- how McMafia came to South Africa

The globalisation of organised crime has led to the detritus of Central Europe's underworld -- gangsters and hitmen -- washing up on our own shores.

Underworld boss Beeka’s murder mystery deepens

The unofficial identification of the man present with Cyril Beeka when he was shot in a drive-by assassination has deepened the mystery of his murder.

Gangland killing: A Krejcir link?

Another death this week has the hallmarks of an organised hit and involves familiar characters.

Beeka’s brothers in arms

Murdered businessman's estate includes a company and weapons cache eyed by Krejcir

Buried cache points to underworld

Radovan Krejcir is said to be interested in guns unearthed on former property of Cyril Beeka.

Krejcir: A dummy’s guide

The bodies of people associated with Radovan Krejcir have been piling up. It's like something out of a mafia movie. We look at the main players.

Krejcir denies Beeka murder claim

Radovan Krejcir, out on bail for an alleged R4,5-million insurance scam, has denied claims that he was responsible for the murder of Cyril Beeka.

Cyril Beeka buried in Cape Town

Bouncer turned businessman Cyril Beeka, who died in a hail of bullets 12 days ago, has been buried in Cape Town.

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