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Chilcot report: Tony Blair’s government accused of using bogus evidence to launch 2003 Iraq invasion

The UK government's infamous "sexed-up" September dossier on Iraq's threat made the claim Iraq was producing biological and chemical weapons.

Gordon Brown: Poor education will thwart Africa’s dreams

A failure to prioritise education is hobbling poor nations' development, says former UK PM Gordon Brown -- and Africa faces the biggest challenge.

UK press attack Blair for reopening party wounds

Ex-premier Tony Blair's memoirs are a good read but they risk reopening old wounds in his Labour party, British newspapers said on Thursday.

Where now for UK’s Brown in political afterlife?

Gordon Brown faces the challenge of carving a role for himself after bowing out as British prime minister.

Cameron vows ‘new politics’ at launch of UK coalition

Britain's new premier, David Cameron, has vowed a "seismic shift" in how the country is governed.

Cameron leads Britain into new era

David Cameron's Conservatives and the smaller Liberal Democrat party have agreed to form Britain's first coalition government since 1945.

UK’s two big parties court Lib Dems as Brown quits

Liberal Democrats still courted by major British parties as Gordon Brown announces he will step aside to try to keep his Labour Party in power.

Pressure grows for UK power-sharing deal

UK opposition parties are under growing pressure to agree to a power-sharing deal, days after an election left the country politically deadlocked.

Cameron, Clegg hold post-vote talks

The leaders of Britain's Conservatives and Liberal Democrats met for over an hour of talks on Saturday aimed at resolving the election stalemate.

UK’s Lib Dems consider Conservative govt offer

Britain's Liberal Democrat leader will seek backing from senior party members on Saturday for a possible deal with the Conservatives.

UK faces government without single party majority

Britain's opposition Conservatives look on course to be the largest party in Parliament after the closest election in three decades.

Britons vote in photo finish election

Britons began voting on Thursday with the opposition Conservatives struggling to convert their opinion poll advantage into an outright majority.

British parties too close to call in election week

Polls on Monday indicated Britain remained on course for a Parliament with no majority, raising the prospect of a minority or coalition government.

Cameron seeks to build on TV debate boost

Conservative leader David Cameron was seeking on Friday to use a strong performance in a debate to help propel his party to an outright majority.

‘Bigot’ gaffe haunts UK PM before TV poll debate

Gordon Brown goes into a debate on Thursday trying to rescue his party while fending of a gaffe in which he called one of his voters "bigoted".

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R2.3bn VBS trial expected to only begin in 2022

The state is expected to request a 16 week-long trial, as delays stymie progress in the saga.

Eastern Cape citizens don’t have to visit the labour department for UIF

This measure, aimed at slowing the spread of Covid-19, may shortly be introduced in other regions.

VBS case delays cause massive frustration

A certificate is needed from the head of the NPA for more arrests to be made

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