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Kenya govt says it has recovered gunmen bodies

The Kenyan government says it believes it has recovered the remains of the four gunmen involved in the Westgate Mall shootings.

Remains delivered to morgue following Westgate siege

Following an attack on Nairobi's Westgate mall in September, officials in Kenya say two boxes of human remains were delivered to its city morgue.

‘White Widow’ documents being investigated, says govt

The circumstances around the fraudulent acquisition of an SA passport by a terror suspect are still being investigated, says a government official.

On the trail of al-Shabab’s Kenyan recruitment ‘pipeline’

The BBC's Peter Taylor reports on the Kenyan recruitment network, which delivers would-be jihadists to be used on missions by al-Shabab in Somalia.

Covering the Westgate shooting: Smoke and sadness

Reporting on the terror attack on Westgate Mall in Kenya was a blur of smoke, terror and confusion, writes Robyn Kriel.

Al-Shabab: We will strike Kenyans where it hurts

Militant group al-Shabab, who have claimed responsibility for the attack on Westgate mall, have threatened to step up militant attacks against Kenya.

Kenyan shilling at three-month high despite Westgate mall attack

Kenyan growth prospects have outweighed its worst terror attack in 15 years, with the shilling the strongest it has been in three months.

Kenyan soldiers looted Westgate mall during siege, say traders

Store owners and many Kenyans are angry that goods appeared to have been looted during a shooting at Westgate mall in Nairobi where 67 people died.

Why Kenya should be furious with SA

Jacob Zuma's good-news philosophy is costing us lives, writes Verashni Pillay, in the wake of the Kenya attack and the release of the crime stats.

Al-Shabab says no woman was involved in Kenya mall attack

Al-Shabab's insistence that no woman joined them in the Nairobi mall attack may dismiss speculation that 'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite took part.

Kenya makes 12th arrest for Nairobi mall attack

Another arrest has been made by Kenya over last week's Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi that left 67 people dead.

Kenya raps US over ‘unfriendly’ travel warning after attack

Kenya has asked the US to lift an advisory warning US citizens over travelling there after the September 21 Nairobi mall attack.

Kenya authorities under pressure after reports of Westgate warning

Pressure mounted on the Kenyan authorities a week after the Nairobi mall carnage, amid accusations that top brass failed to heed security warnings.

‘White Widow’: Language as terrorism

A debate around the term "White Widow" has raged in the M&G newsroom, with some feeling it's racist. Chris Roper weighs in on the argument.

Pandor: ‘White Widow’ passport was cancelled in 2011

A South African passport alleged to have been used by Samantha Lewthwaite to enter Kenya had been issued in Durban but was "cancelled" in 2011.

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