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​Free expression or hate speech, and what it means for the Jon Qwelanes

The stage is set for a high court trial that should provide clarity on sections of the Equality Act.

‘Unacceptable’ that King Zwelithini ‘fobbed off’ xenophobia task team – DA

Following xenophobic comments about foreign nationals last year, Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has been accused of hate speech.

Concourt DID find Zuma failed to uphold Constitution

On Tuesday the Presidency issued a statement saying the Concourt did not find that President Jacob Zuma broke his oath of office. Experts disagree.

Nkandla expenditure was not a ‘normal political mistake’ – Pierre de Vos

Constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos said on Thursday that the Con Court's Nkandla ruling showed that the president's breach was a personal one.

Commentariat: Rent-a-quote or valuable insight?

The top commentators in South Africa talk about their influence or lack thereof.

State probe of judiciary causes unease

Government announced that it is going to assess the transformation of the judiciary, including the judgments of the Constitutional Court.

Secrecy Bill: Actually, minister, you got it wrong

The claim that international precedent does not show a need for a public interest clause in the secrecy Bill has been challenged by legal experts.

Maharaj ‘barking up wrong tree’ in charging journalists

News that Mac Maharaj's attorneys laid charges against the <i>M&G</i> and two of its journalists comes as a surprise, writes <b>Pierre de Vos</b>.

ANC to appeal ‘Shoot the boer’ ban as ruling slammed

The ANC will appeal the decision to ban the singing of <em>Dubhula I'bunu</em> or "shoot the boer" in a ruling slammed by advocates of free speech.

Down by law

Does anyone remember a time when lawyers occupied an affectionate place in the heart of society, rather than their more recent bleak outhouse?

Ncgobo’s last judgment

Many of SA's elite legal fraternity gathered at the Constitutional Court to pay their respects to the outgoing chief justice.

The elusive Ministerial Handbook

In recent years the Ministerial Handbook has been held up as putting an official stamp on the spending habits of ministers.

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Sounding the alarm on shack fire losses

A tech solution to fires in informal settlements comes with insurance that pays out the victims of these blazes

How smuggled gold destined for Dubai or Singapore has links to France and Mali

Three Malagasy citizens were apprehended at OR Tambo International airport, but now the trail is found to connect to France and Mali

Zuma, Zondo play the waiting game

The former president says he will talk once the courts have ruled, but the head of the state capture inquiry appears resigned to letting the clock run out as the commission's deadline nears

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