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Do you have to take the Covid-19 vaccine or not?

The South African law does not make it mandatory for citizens to be vaccinated, and the same will apply for Covid-19 immunisation. But experts say people still have the responsibility not to act recklessly — and they should follow Covid-19 health protocols

Covid vaccines: Hope balanced with caution

As Covid vaccines near the manufacturing stage, a look at two polio vaccines provides valuable historical insights

Good news: Africa is declared free of wild polio

The global polio eradication initiative, involving governments, the World Health Organisation and other institutions, was launched in 1988. It took three decades of immunising children to eradicate the poliovirus on the continent

Pakistan polio vaccine teams on edge after fatal attacks

Multiple polio vaccination workers in Pakistan have been killed in attacks targeting health workers in the country’s northwest earlier this week

Good news, Chicken, the sky isn’t falling

Surprised? Which is to be expected when the media thrives on keeping us in a state of alarm

Polio cases could be wiped out within 12 months, says World Health Organisation

With just nine cases of the virus so far this year – in Pakistan and Afghanistan – the WHO is confident the battle against polio is nearly won.

Africa hits a high point in the fight against polio

The continent is two years away from being certified polio-free but violent insurgencies could hamper efforts to finally eradicate the virus.

‘We testify to spare them our pain’

Adults scarred by polio are fighting stigma and shame to persuade parents in the DRC to vaccinate their children.

Fighting halts polio vaccination in northern Syria

UN aid agencies say heavy fighting has prevented health workers from getting polio vaccine to 100 000 Syrian children.

Vaccination ceasefire urged in Syria

A polio outbreak to the east of the country has reinforced the call for relief workers' safety.

WHO confirms polio outbreak among Syria’s children

The World Health Organisation has confirmed a polio outbreak among young children in north-east Syria, adding that the risk is high for it to spread.

Eight UN polio eradication workers killed in Pakistan

Three workers in a United Nations-backed polio eradication campaign have been shot in Pakistan and two of them have been killed.

Gates joins Africa’s richest man to fight polio in Nigeria

The richest man in Africa and the wealthiest man from the US have joined forces in the battle against polio, which has seen a resurgence in Nigeria.

WHO removes India from polio endemic list

India has been removed from a list of polio endemic countries by the World Health Organisation, marking a victory for its health workers.

India to celebrate milestone in polio fight

If no cases of polio are discovered, India will no longer be considered to be polio endemic as it celebrates a year since its last reported case.

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Luxor Paints loses CCMA case, must pay workers R40-m in back pay

Some of the 181 workers were dismissed for carrying sticks during a strike, others were dismissed even though they weren’t at the picket, but were deemed guilty by association

Pay-TV inquiry probes the Multichoice monopoly

Africa’s largest subscription television operator says it is under threat amid the emerging popularity of global platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime

Covid-overflow hospital in ruins as SIU investigates

A high-level probe has begun into hundreds of millions of rand spent by the Gauteng health department to refurbish a hospital that is now seven months behind schedule – and lying empty

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