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Congo-Brazzaville’s repressive government buys secret weapons haul from Azerbaijan

For several years, the Republic of the Congo has been quietly buying an arsenal from Azerbaijan, with the latest cache arriving before next month’s election

‘Unconscionable’: The race to stop Israel from selling weapons to Uganda

Ugandan and Israeli activists have called for the licence permitting arms sales to be revoked, but expect next week’s hearing to be held in camera

Amnesty report says SA arms diverted to Yemeni militia

Between 2015 and the end of 2017, South Africa transferred $62-million worth of major conventional weapons to the UAE

Life behind bars: An inspecting judge of prisons unlocks inmates’ stories

South Africa’s jails have one of the lowest percentages of women prisoners in the world – but among the highest number of men

Why is the US chasing ‘Congolese rebels’ in the Northern Cape?

In many ways, the two armies are miles apart but they face many similar challenges

Where’s the plan to stop police arming criminals, minister?

One way to slow the death rate down is to cut the number of illegal guns in circulation.

Denel punts Gupta weapons technology partnership as its second chance on the Indian subcontinent

VR Laser Asia will sell Denel technology so that it can be manufactured in India.

Illegal guns fuel violent crime, wreak deadly havoc in South Africa

Police statistics in SA show a worrying trend: the increased use of illegal small arms and light weapons in the country's problem of violent crime.

R5 rifles: ‘The war machine must go’

Protesters have called on commissioner Riah Phiyega and Minister Nathi Nhleko to ban the use of R5 assault rifles in public order policing.

Weapons make police – and people – more aggressive

Simply seeing a weapon - whether a sword, rifle, hand grenade, dagger, tank or gun - makes people more aggressive.

Where all is fair in love of war

There's something dangerously sexy about uniforms and weapons, and spyware that lets you into secret places.

​Chasing bullets in the DRC

Mapping the precise flows of conflict weaponry in Africa is an arduous task given the number of militias operating in the DRC alone.

Saudi Arabia to give Lebanese army $3bn

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman has indicated that the grant is likely to be spent partly on weapons from France as a counterweight to Hezbollah.

Denel: Africa’s future supplier of drones

Annual results show state arms company Denel continues to eke out profits, but it hopes exports of weapons to the rest of Africa will change that.

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Judicial committee orders Mogoeng to apologise for SA-Israel remarks

The JCC said that by the chief justice straying into politics, he breached the judicial conduct code and ordered him to issue an apology and retraction

‘Doctors’ wives’ jump Covid queue

Private doctors and civilians have been exploiting gaps in the public health system to get vaccinated

Ithala fails to act against board chairperson over PPE scandal

Morar asked to settle with the state and pay back the profit he made on an irregular tender

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