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The cost of breaking your silence is high

Those who have been violated are called on to solve the problem of gender-based violence

Parliament reaches settlement with whistleblower

Former head of security Zelda Holtzman is relieved that her “name is cleared”

Editorial: Who will guard whistle-blowers?

Whistle-blowers get crushed by big companies who prosecute them forever. They need protection.

WikiLeaks, Snowden lawyers back Trillian whistle-blower

Gupta-linked Trillian tries to keep their ‘state capture’ dealings under wraps but a major corruption buster has stepped in to help.

​New law makes whistle-blowing riskier

Research shows that the number of whistle-blowers is declining in South Africa.

Mexico media courts anonymous tip-offs

An alliance of media outlets and civil society groups is courting potential whistle-blowers with a new digital platform that promises anonymity.

Calling all whistleblowers: AfriLeaks offers a secure platform

Whistleblowers can now send us tip-offs via afriLeaks, a secure and anonymous method of leaking information to the M&G.

Hawks whistle-blower slain

Mystery surrounds the killing of a shop steward who alleged illegal dealings at a water parastatal

US soldier Manning found guilty on most charges

US soldier Bradley Manning has been found not guilty of aiding the enemy, but guilty of most of the other 20 criminal counts against him.

US vs them: A new brand of patriot acts

Whistle-blowers have become the ultimate patriots in the age after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, writes Gary Younge.

Hackers steal SAPS whistle-blower info

Whistle-blowers' information on crime has been downloaded when the official South African Police Service website was hacked into, says Sita.

Lessons from the private sector

Private sector shows the public sector how its done

Blow the whistle at your peril

The question of whether a witness decides to take the brave step of raising a concern depends on society's attitude to whistle-blowers.

Lifting the lid on the ‘toxic gruel’

If passed, the Secrecy Bill will help to mask the corrupt activities of those in government. The fight to stop the Bill just got harder.

Whistle-blowers ‘being targeted’

The fallout from the dirty war being fought in South Africa's R85-billion-a-year health insurance industry grew this week.

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Zuma foundation claims ex-president was prepared to testify, but Zondo played politics

Zuma’s namesake organisation twists facts and the law – he told Zondo he would answer questions but only in private to the deputy chief justice

President urges caution against more contagious Covid variant as SA moves to level 1

The curfew is shorter, alcohol sale times almost normal and more people can meet at religious, social, political and cultural gatherings

Zulu land body challenges audit outcome

Ingonyama Trust Board chairperson Jerome Ngwenya has challenged the audit process in the face of a series of unfavourable ratings

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